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New Rivals250 rankings: By the numbers

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All-star camp season is over and the 2018 season is right around the corner. The latest update to the Rivals250 took into account everything that has happened between now and mid-June. Take a closer look at how these couple months changed the Rivals250 in this edition of By The Numbers.

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Bru McCoy
Bru McCoy (Nick Lucero/

The state of Florida had the most players in the previous Rivals250, but California has taken over the top spot thanks to the Sunshine State losing seven prospects. Four Californians were added to the Rivals250, bringing their total to 34, and there are two Californians (Kayvon Thibodeaux and Bru McCoy) in the top 10. Jacob Bandes, USC commit Drake London, Michigan commit Zach Charbonnet and Colorado commit Braedin Huffman-Dixon are the four prospects from California that are new to the Rivals250.

Florida, now with 28 players in the Rivals250, also has two players in the top 10 (Trey Sanders and Nolan Smith) and added Ohio State commit Jordan Battle and Miami commit Jahfari Harvey. Deyavie Hammond, Derick Hunter, Te'Cory Couch, Lloyd Summerall and five others are no longer in the Rivals250.


California has the most prospects in the Rivals250 but the Southeast region is dominating all the other regions when it comes to representation in the Rivals250. In fact, the Southeast region, with their 87 prospects in the Rivals250 has more than the West (48) and Mid-Atlantic (38) combined. The Southeast doesn't just have a lot of players in the Rivals250, they have the most highly rated prospects. Of the top 50 prospects in the Rivals250, 44-percent of them are from the Southeast.


Derek Stingley, Jr.
Derek Stingley, Jr. (Nick Lucero/

The summer camp circuit isn't as extensive as the one in the spring and that was very clear in this rankings update as the most common moves were very small. Excluding the players that moved into or out of the Rivals250, more than half of the moves were between two spots up and five spots down. That means there was more than a 50 percent chance that, if a player's ranking in the Rivals250 changed, it wasn't by more than two spots up or five spots down.

For comparison's sake, in the previous rankings update in June, there was about a 70 percent chance that, if a players ranking changed, it increased by more than two spots up or decreased by more than five spots.


Despite there not being a major reshuffling of the Rivals250, there were still some big movers including seven players that moved up at least 100 spots. West Virginia linebacker commit Lee Kpogba was the biggest riser, moving up 137 spots from No. 246 to No. 109.

Three of the other six players that moved up more than 100 spots are from the Mid-South region and the other three are from the Southeast. Oklahoma commit Stacey Wilkins (No. 191 to No. 56), Clemson commit Bryton Constantin (No. 225 to No. 92) and Texas A&M commit Dylan Wright (No. 228 to No. 119) are the three from the Mid-South while Tyrique Stevenson (No. 175 to No. 39), Florida commit Tyron Hopper (No. 245 to No. 111) and Zion Puckett (No. 233 to No. 114) are the three from the Southeast. It should also be noted that South Carolina commit Joseph Anderson moved up 94 spots from No. 231 to No. 137.


Nolan Groulx
Nolan Groulx (Nick Lucero/

As with any rankings update, there are a handful of players that end up falling out of the Rivals250. In this update, offensive tackles were hit the hardest by moves out of the Rivals250 with six of them losing the coveted designation. Southeast offensive tackles Bryan Hudson, Deyavie Hammond and Mark Fox along with Nathaniel Kalepo, Spencer Brown and Julius Buelow did not make it back into the Rivals250.

There are also three fewer cornerbacks in the Rivals250 but wide receivers and tight ends both gained four members of the Rivals250. Wake Forest wide receiver commit Nolan Groulx at No. 72 and Clemson tight end commit Jaelyn Lay at No. 128 are the highest-ranked new additions to the Rivals250 at each position.

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