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Rival Views: Which OL should be ranked higher, Thomas or Green?

Countless debates go into each Rivals rankings update and one particular topic we are spotlighting in today's Rival Views is which offensive lineman should be ranked higher – Kardell Thomas or Kenyon Green – when the new Rivals100 is released later today.'s Nick Krueger and Chad Simmons offer their opinions.

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SIMMONS' VIEW: Kardell Thomas


There is no doubt that I have watched Kardell Thomas more than Kenyon Green live over the years because Thomas is in my region, but when I have seen the two at the same event, Thomas had the edge.

Yes, Green is projected as an offensive tackle, so his position carries more value than Thomas’ guard spot. But Thomas is dominant on a regular basis. Green flashes, but Thomas has been consistent when I have watched the two compete side by side.

Thomas is a very physical offensive lineman. He loves to mix it up, to bully defensive linemen and he goes 100 percent at all times. I have watched him in camps, practice, games and on film — he plays relentless at all times.

I feel I have a strong argument that Thomas is the better one out of the two. Both are elite prospects and it is splitting hairs at times when you have to separate two of the top 20 prospects in America, but with Thomas, you know what you are going to get. You are getting a player any quarterback would want to throw behind, one that any running back would want to run behind, one that any offensive lineman would want to line up beside and one that any defensive lineman would not want to go against for four quarters in full pads.

The LSU commitment is about as rock solid as they come. He has the mentality of a defensive lineman on the offensive line and he does not lose often. When he does, it just fuels his fire to come back and dominate the next 10 plays even better than he did before.

KRUEGER'S VIEW: Kenyon Green

Before Kenyon Green was named a five-star prospect in the Rivals rankings, there was a bit of an ongoing debate about which player between he and Kardell Thomas was the better offensive line prospect. The conversation had a little more juice early on as both had been committed to LSU for a period of time.

Now, with Green since de-committing and having made a new commitment to Texas A&M, the debate has a little different tone about it.

I have always been a big fan of Green since seeing him in his sophomore season, shutting down four-star edge-rusher and LSU signee K’Lavon Chaisson in the Texas state football playoffs. When you compare Green with Thomas – a clear interior line prospect – you’re talking about two different approaches to the game: Green, the measured technician, versus Thomas, who plays with unfiltered ferocity.

While Thomas gets more attention for his power and aggressiveness, his athleticism is nothing to sneer at. Despite that, I’ve always felt that it was Green that was better-suited to be able to play any position along the offensive line.


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