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Rivals Camp Series New Jersey: Best recruiting visits

Every year there seems to be more "themed" visits like Georgia's scavenger hunt or Michigan's summer BBQ. They're used to help coaches build relationships with the players and their families while also showing off their campus and everything the program has to offer.

We asked the players at the Rivals Camp Series in New Jersey which "themed" visit they'd like best.



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Yasin Willis
Yasin Willis

Semaj Beals: "I say the barbecue type of themed visit because I want to eat. You always have to get that good grub."

Dayshaun Burnett: "That is a hard one because everybody who knows me knows that I'm a food guy. But, the scavenger hunt does seem fun. I'm going to say barbecue though."

Justin Denson: "Barbecue sounds good. I'm going to go with a barbecue theme because it just sounds good."

Korey Duff Jr.: "I think a scavenger hunt would be more fun."

Ryan Howerton: "I don't worry about any BBQ or fancy dinners or dances. I just want somewhere that I'll feel the love."

Jayvon McFadden: "I'd definitely say the barbecue. You always have to get that good grub. I'm going to get some good grub after we put in work today."

Eric Mensah: "I'd probably go with the BBQ. It seems fun."

Mikey Preston: "I'd probably go with a scavenger hunt. I went down to Georgia for the spring game because my friend plays on the team. I just like the whole Georgia vibe."

Da'Juan Riggs: "I like BBQs. That sounds fun."

Emmanuel Ross: "The scavenger hunt is actually really fun. I did one at Penn State a while back, so I like the scavenger hunt idea because it kind of helps you see the campus while having a competitive thing going on. It is something I enjoyed."

Stone Saunders: "I've seen a couple of schools do a pool party, so I'd probably choose that over those themed visits. I'd probably have to pick barbecue because I went to Alabama's barbecue and that was pretty cool. Those recruiting visits get a little tiring at some point so your battery gets drained and I don't know if I'd have the energy to do a scavenger hunt."

Mason Wade: "I went to the Maryland BBQ last year and it was really fun so I think I'd choose that."

Ari Watford: "It doesn't really matter to me. I just want to talk to the coaches and see what I would be around if I went to that school. I guess it would be fun either way."

Fletcher Westphal: "I'd probably go with the Georgia scavenger hunt. You know I'm an offensive lineman and I love barbecue, but every single time I go down to Georgia they always have good food there anyways."

Chanz Wiggins: "I'm going to go with the BBQ. I love BBQ."

Yasin Willis: "I like a BBQ but I haven't been on either type of visit."