Rivals.com - Rivals 3 Stripe Camp L.A.: Recruits give commit predictions
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Rivals 3 Stripe Camp L.A.: Recruits give commit predictions

GLENDORA, Calif. -- It’s our job at Rivals.com to get the information on which schools the nation’s top prospects will end up signing with when the time comes. But sometimes the best clues come from fellow recruits. At this past weekend's Los Angeles stop of the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp Series presented by adidas, we asked fellow prospects where some of the West’s best players will end up and their answers may surprise you.

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The Pick: Washington

Why: “I was thinking Solomon might go to U-Dub. Whenever I look at him I can see him at that school.” –Rivals250 OL Steven Jones, Temecula (Calif.) Chaparral

The Pick: USC

Why: “For (Solomon) I’d have to say USC.” –Rivals100 WR Jalen Hall, Los Angeles (Calif.) Augustus Hawkins

The Pick: Utah or USC

“I’m good friends with Solo. He’s a Polynesian so I would say Utah or USC.” – Rivals250 OC Justin Dedich, Temecula (Calif.) Chaparral

The Pick: USC

Why: “I think he feels comfortable with SC. We’ve been talking at another camp and all the linebackers were all talking about SC.” – Rivals100 LB Raymond Scott, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne

The Pick: UCLA or Washington

Why: “I’ve been talking with him, and I think he’s kind of looking more west coast. The last schools we talked about were UCLA and Washington.” Three-star OL Jacob Isaia, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman

The Pick: Stanford

Why: “It’s hard when you have to choose for someone else when you don’t even know where you’re going yourself, but if I had to choose for Amon-Ra I’d have to say Stanford.” – Hall

The Pick: Stanford

Why: “I see Amon-Ra probably going with his brother to Stanford.” Rivals100 DB Ashari Crosswell, Los Angeles (Calif.) Augustus Hawkins

The Pick: USC, Notre Dame or Stanford

Why: “I feel like it’s out of SC, Notre Dame and Stanford. You know his brothers go to Notre Dame and Stanford and SC is local. You never know, they’re all great schools so wherever he goes will be good for him.” – Three-star ATH Devon Cooley, Buena Park, Calif.

The Pick: USC

Why: “Man, that dude is going to SC. I know he’s going there.” Rivals100 LB Solomon Tuliaupupu, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei

The Pick: USC

Why: “I think he likes USC a lot. I think the program sticks out to him. But I also think that he’s looking to explore and get out and he has brothers at Notre Dame and Stanford so it’s hard to figure out where he’s going to go.” – Three-star TE Isaiah Smalls, Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey

The Pick: Undecided

Why: “I think it would be cool if he went to Notre Dame with his brother but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to go. With his brother at Stanford and him wanting to go his own way it’s tough to make a pick.” – Two-star TE TaeVeon Le, Newport Beach (Calif.) Corona Del Mar

The Pick: Utah

Why: “I could see him going to Utah. I feel he gets good vibes from there.” –Rivals250 LB Salua Masina, Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton

The Pick: Louisville or Utah

Why: “He’s a question mark, he barely talks about what his offers are. We talked about Louisville as one of his offers or staying in the state of Utah, so one of those schools.” – Isaia

The Pick: UCLA

Why: “He has above 20 offers so I’m not really sure. He went on a visit to UCLA yesterday and I saw it and it looked like he really liked it.” – Rivals250 OL Hunter Lotulelei, Salt Lake City (Utah) Highland

The Pick: Stanford or USC

Why: “I’m in between two schools for him - Stanford or USC. I’m really just taking a guess.” –2019 Rivals100 DL Jonah Tauanuu, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne

The Pick: USC

Why: “Jalen is the type of guy who would go to SC.” –Crosswell.

The Pick: Undecided

Why: ““With Jalen, I’m not really sure. We don’t really keep in contact, I’ve seen him a few times at SC but not recently.” – Scott

The Pick: USC

Why: “All those Hawkins players are committed there, his linebacker De’Gabriel (Floyd) just committed there, and his friend Marcus (Johnson). A lot of Hawkins players are committed there.” - Cooley

The Pick: Stanford

Why: “You know, I think he’s actually going to pick Stanford.” – Tuliaupupu

The Pick: USC

Why: “He’s down in Southern California and it just seems like that’s where he wants to go.” – 2019 Rivals100 RB Austin Jones, Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O-Dowd

The Pick: USC

Why: “I think they’re probably the leader for him right now. I’ve known him since middle school and I’ve seen him develop as player and with his former teammates going there as well that’s pretty much home for him so I think he’ll end up going there as well.” – Smalls