football Edit all-time teams: Series recap - who's No.1?

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck (AP Images) has released its five-, four-, three- and two-star/no-star teams of all-time current players, and here is a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each group. At the end, National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell will determine which team is the best of the four.

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Jadeveon Clowney
Jadeveon Clowney (AP Images)

Strengths: The skill players and the entire defense are absolutely loaded. On offense, Adrian Peterson, Leonard Fournette, Julio Jones, A.J. Green and others make an impressive list. Defensively, Jadeveon Clowney, Myles Garrett, Vontaze Burfict, Jalen Ramsey, Patrick Peterson and a slew of other defensive backs make up an impressive group.

Weaknesses: Quarterback has some serious talent, but if we’re being picky there are better options on the other teams than Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson and others. The offensive line is also very good and very deep - and Quenton Nelson is one of the best in the league - but other star categories have arguably better players.

Farrell’s take: this team is loaded, as expected, and has very few weaknesses but can Newton be the guy to lead them to the promised land? It’s not that Newton isn’t talented, as he’s led a team to the Super Bowl, but the other quarterbacks are a bit better in my opinion. But beyond that I don’t see many weaknesses here at all.


DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins (AP Images)

Strengths: Andrew Luck has had a tremendous career and could even break out more this year, so he, along with Jared Goff, are strengths for the four-star team. But the running backs and wide receivers are incredibly loaded and could be some of the best groups regardless of star rating. Among them are Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas and Odell Beckham Jr. Defensive end and defensive back are also phenomenal.

Weaknesses: This is nitpicking, but if two groups here are not as loaded as some others it would be offensive line and linebacker. The depth is not there - as it is in other places - and a lot of the players are still relatively new to the league but still fantastically talented.

Farrell’s take: This team is loaded and just has a few areas of weakness but I don’t know if it would hurt them. Can they keep Luck upright and protected? That’s the big issue. But when you look at the talent at positions like running back and wide receiver, it’s ridiculous.


Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers (AP Images)

Strengths: This might be the best group of quarterbacks from a talent and depth perspective, led by Aaron Rodgers but also including Patrick Mahomes, Matt Ryan, Baker Mayfield and others. And the quarterbacks will be protected by a stout offensive line with big-time names across the board. The entire defense is excellent, from Aaron Donald on the line to Luke Kuechly at linebacker to Richard Sherman and Malcolm Jenkins in the secondary.

Weaknesses: The skill spots are good but not fantastic, so they are in this category. Kareem Hunt and Phillip Lindsay are two of the biggest names, and they’re fine football players but not blockbusters. The receivers have had success in the NFL, but they’re not some of the best in the game.

Farrell’s take: This is the best quarterback group, in my opinion, and there are two of the best defenders in the league in Donald and Kuechley on defense, but there are also some weak areas such as wide receiver and running back. This team would have to be carried by quarterback play and an amazing defense.


Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown (AP Images)

Strengths: Depth might be an issue for the offense, but the talent level for the starters is at the elite level with some of the best players in the NFL comprising this bunch. Russell Wilson, Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, Antonio Brown, Davante Adams and T.Y. Hilton all are part of basically an unstoppable offense. The defensive line and defensive backs are also some of the best, regardless of star ranking.

Weaknesses: If there are weaknesses among this group it could be along the offensive line at some spots and at linebacker, although it’s still pretty strong across the board.

Farrell’s take: There are some superstars here, but this team lacks the overall depth of the others. Wilson, Bell and Brown are three of the most dynamic talents in the NFL and Khalil Mack and JJ Watt are terrors on defense, but I think this is the weakest of the four teams.

Who gets bragging rights? Mike Farrell ranks them in order: