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Rivals Camp Series New Orleans: Prospects make commitment predictions

Arch Manning
Arch Manning (Sam Spiegelman) analysts, publishers and fans are predicting where they think prospects around the country will head for college using the FutureCast tool, but we decided to ask the prospects themselves at this past weekend’s Rivals Camp Series in New Orleans.

Their answers, which we are sharing anonymously, are below.


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The pick: "He's going to Texas because he is always posting about Texas."

The pick: "Georgia because he is always there."

The pick: "It's gonna be Ole Miss. I've seen him there a couple times."

The pick: "I'm gonna say Ole Miss. I've seen Ole Miss showing him a lot of love."

The pick: "I say Texas. I don't know why, but I just don't think he will go to Mississippi."

The pick: "He's going to Georgia. That's where it's at right now."

The pick: "I don't know. Probably Georgia, but that's just a hunch right now."

The pick: "LSU because I feel like he wants to stay close to home."

The pick: "I have to say Georgia. They have a lot of good stuff up there."

The pick: "He's going to Texas because (Steve) Sarkisian is just an offensive mastermind."

The pick: "No clue, I don't even know who's in the running. I'll say Villanova because you said I can pick any team."

The pick: "Easily Alabama or Georgia. Those are the top two programs. Easy."

The pick: "I go to school with him and I don't even think he knows. If I had to guess, I'll say Georgia because I think it is a good fit for him."

The pick: "Alabama because they are the best team."

The pick: "LSU, because it's LSU."

The pick: "LSU. It's the home team and they need a QB."

The pick: "I think he's gonna be at Georgia."

The pick: "I think it will be Georgia. I don't know why. I just think it's gonna be Georgia and I got Georgia in my feelings."

The pick: "He's going to LSU. He's staying home."

The pick: "I think he might go to Georgia. I think he likes that place very well."

The pick: "Georgia because it's my favorite school."

The pick: "He's going to Clemson because Clemson needs a quarterback."

The pick: "I'm gonna say Georgia. It seems like he has a good relationship with them."

The pick: "He's going to Ole Miss because of Lane Kiffin."

The pick: "He's going to Georgia. Everybody loves Kirby (Smart)."


The pick: "I think he will go to Georgia. They just got it going on with their defense."

The pick: "Florida State. That's what I would choose."

The pick: "I'm gonna go ahead and say Georgia because that's where my slime gonna play ball at."

The pick: "I say Texas. When he went on a visit there a couple of weeks ago, he said he loved the atmosphere and he liked what they are doing at the institution."

The pick: "Florida State, you know what I'm saying. He's got a couple people out there that's like family to him."

The pick: "I say Texas as well. When we went on a visit with Kyran (Bourda), he looked to really enjoy Texas."

The pick: "I say Texas because he loved the environment when he went there."

The pick: "Georgia. I don't know why, but I just feel like it's Georgia."

The pick: "Georgia, because I don't even know why but he going to Georgia."


The pick: "I feel like he's gonna end up at Mississippi State. I don't think he wants to leave too far from home and he gonna get a lot of balls. They are gonna try and get him the ball."

The pick: "He'll end up at Ole Miss because he has a lot of connections there."


The pick: "I think Alabama because he's a Tuscaloosa native there. He talked pretty good about them yesterday, about how he loved the relationship with coach (Nick) Saban and stuff. That's just good stuff. Being him, and being in Tuscaloosa, he's gonna commit there."

The pick: "Ole Miss because I've seen him talk to the coach and I think he likes it up there. I've seen him there three times."


The pick: "I'll say Mississippi State. I don't know, but I feel like he wants to stay closer to home and I feel like he likes that school a lot."

The pick: "LSU because it's close to home and his coach played there."

The pick: "Florida State because most of our guys go to Florida State."

The pick: "LSU for sure. Like no doubt about it."

The pick: "I think he's gonna go to LSU because it's only right."

The pick: "LSU, he's staying at home."

The pick: "LSU because it's the hometown."