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Rivals Camp Series: Friedman's Philly Awards

COATESVILLE, Pa. – The seventh stop of the Rivals Camp Series was Sunday at Coatesville High School just outside of Philadelphia, and plenty of top prospects were in attendance. Here's a recap of some of the top performers at the event – the prospects who earned Friedman Awards.

Blake Woodby
Blake Woodby


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CLASS OF 2023 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Team | Position | State

CLASS OF 2024 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Team | Position | State

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THE CLOSER: Blake Woodby

Woodby isn’t the biggest cornerback and he wasn’t the most physical one on Sunday either but he is really fast. He played from depth the majority of the time and was able to cover most receivers effectively. Woodby gave them some space but when the ball was in the air he showed off his explosiveness, closing the gap really quickly and making plenty of plays on the ball. He is still just a 2025 prospect but he has a high ceiling because of how quick he is in space.


WILD MAN: Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng

Owusu-Boateng really impressed on Sunday and it’s difficult for linebackers to shine in a camp setting like this. He was all over the field and played physically throughout the pass rushing drills and 1-on-1s. Owusu-Boateng is still a pretty young prospect but he has the build and presence of an upperclassman.

With a recognizable last name, Owusu-Boateng is aiming to have an outstanding career like his brother Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. If he continues on the track that he is on we can expect plenty of success throughout the rest of his high school and college career.


FUTURE PHENOM: Bryce Jenkins

Hyattsville (Md.) Dematha already has one of the best defensive linemen in the country in Jason Moore but Jenkins could be the next one up. The massive defensive tackle is very raw technically but his physical gifts are so impressive that it’s almost hard to imagine how he could not turn into a national recruit.

Jenkins fires out of his stance quickly and has a way of tossing offensive linemen to the side or just running them over. So much of his recruitment will depend on how he develops physically and technically but he has a great head start.


MIGHTY MOUSE: Terrance Sumter

Sumter was the smallest player in attendance on Sunday but that didn’t matter. He was outstanding in 1-on-1s and showed a lot of toughness during the past blocking portion of the camp. Sumter did a great job shaking loose of linebackers in coverage and, even though he’s not a big target, he was able to pull in some tough catches in the open field.

Look for Sumter to be used in a variety of ways this fall and a college team with a need for a versatile offensive weapon could look Sumter‘s way down the road.


MR. CONSISTENT: Oluwakoleade Osinubi

If the ball was thrown Osinubi's way he was coming down with the catch. Osinubi isn’t a small receiver by any means but he’s not an overly physical receiver either. That didn’t matter though because he ran excellent routes so quarterbacks had plenty of room to get him the ball. Even on difficult plays where defensive backs were able to contest, Osinubi had a knack for making the catch.


BUZZWORTHY: Samson Okunlola

It’s hard to think about the players from Sunday without immediately going to Okunlola and his performance. The offensive tackle out of Massachusetts imposed his will with relative ease on Sunday and really showed why he should be one of the top-ranked prospects in the nation.

It’s hard to see a situation where he doesn’t rise up the rankings come June. The way he was able to quickly slide inside and outside to stay between the defender and the quarterback while timing his punches to slow down the pass rusher was really impressive. Physically, Okunlola is exactly what college coaches are looking for and there’s still room for him to add more solid mass to his frame.


RAISED STOCK: Jaedn Skeete

Skeete has been a well-known prospect for a while. He’s been committed to Boston College since August of 2020 and it looks like he’s taken the next step as a prospect. Skeete has gotten a little bit taller and has improved his speed and quickness.

There were times when he was really dominant as a receiver on Sunday and that type of performance should only become more frequent as he continues to develop physically and technically.

Boston College fans should be really excited about how high his ceiling is.



BODYGUARD: Jordan Seaton

Seaton is no stranger to tough competition and he had plenty of success on Sunday against some of the region's best. He projects as an interior offensive lineman at the next level and he showed just how stout he can be against really big and powerful defensive linemen.

Seaton plays with great leverage and uses a solid base to anchor down against defensive linemen that try to push him around. He has the size and overall strength to be able to control where defensive linemen go once he gets his hands on them. Seaton is developing very nicely as a pass blocker and has shown more patience as he’s gotten older.


PRECISION PASSER: Michael van Buren

Van Buren is one of the biggest names in the 2024 class on the East Coast and it was obvious why on Sunday. The quarterback out of Baltimore (Md.) St. Frances isn’t overly impressive physically but he throws the ball with power and accuracy all over the field. He was really on point on Sunday and fit the ball into some very tight coverage.

There weren’t many receivers there that he has worked with in the past so it was awfully impressive to see how he was able to quickly adjust his timing to new receivers. Mechanically, Van Buren is very sound and he seems to have the skill set to play in almost any environment.


MR. COMPETITIVE: David Ojiegbe

We’ve seen Ojiegbe perform for years on the Rivals Camp Series and his development from his freshman season until now has been very impressive. Now as a rising senior, Ojiegbe was ready to take on all comers and put his skill set to the test. He called out all of the top offensive linemen to take reps in 1-on-1s and he won the large majority of them.

That mindset has propelled Ojiegbe to where he is now and it should really help him once he arrives at Clemson following his senior season. While he may not have the highest ceiling of any defensive lineman in the region, he certainly has one of the highest floors of any player out there.