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RCS Atlanta survey: Prospects discuss Georgia Tech changes

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Geoff Collins
Geoff Collins (AP Images)

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MARIETTA, Ga. -- Since the December hiring of new head coach Geoff Collins, recruiting has been on the upswing for Georgia Tech. With the Jackets seemingly on the mind of more recruits than ever in the Southeast, we decided to survey prospects at the recent Atlanta stop of the Rivals Camp Series presented by adidas, to find out their thoughts on Collins and if they are sensing the same type of buzz around the program.

hat were your thoughts on Georgia Tech’s hiring of Geoff Collins?

“I feel like it is a great get for Georgia Tech. Coach Collins is an intelligent coach who knows how to win and has a history of preparing defensive backs to play at the next level.” — Three-star Georgia Tech DB commit Jalen Huff

“I think Georgia Tech hiring coach Collins is great. He was recruiting me when he was at Temple, so with him at Georgia Tech, it is like he is right at the crib now.” — Three-star athlete JaQuari Wiggles

“Coach Collins was a great hire for Georgia Tech. He’s got the city alive and the people in my opinion are focused more on what they will do than Georgia. He’s got a great vibe and energy.” — Four-star Georgia wide receiver Josh Downs

“I think the hiring of coach Collins at Georgia Tech was a great move. It was time for a change and he is making things happen.” — Three-star Georgia linebacker Tyson Meiguez

“I think it was a smart move. I’ve seen coach Collins at Temple, so I want to see what he does with the offense this year. Based on how they do this year, they have a chance to get a lot of recruits next year.” — 2021 Georgia offensive lineman Amarius Mims

“I think It was a good hire. Coach Collins did well at Temple. They are switching to a spread offense, so I think they should be good.” — Three-star defensive tackle Jaden Hardy

“I think it was a great decision. Coach Collins is bringing a swagger to Georgia Tech." -- Three-star Georgia Tech wide receiver commit Ryan King

“It is definitely a good hire.” — Three-star offensive lineman Sean Hill

“I think he will bring great success to the team. I feel like they needed to bring someone in to bring up the program and he was a good choice.” — 2022 Georgia offensive lineman Addison Nichols

“It was a good decision. I got an offer from them pretty soon after they took over and that shows me they are making in-state guys a priority.” -- 2022 Georgia running back Quintavious Lockett

“It was a great hire. He’s coming in and changing things up, bringing a new offense and a new energy.” -- Three-star Auburn defensive line commit Demarjhe Lewis

Have you noticed a change in the buzz around the program since the new staff was hired? 

“Yes, there is definitely a huge buzz around the program since the coming of the new staff. Georgia Tech is becoming the talk of Atlanta and more surrounding states. The biggest difference I have noticed is the juice and enthusiasm of the coaching staff. That is trickling down to the team.” — Huff

“I have most definitely noticed a new buzz around Georgia Tech. Players like me were never interested before, but now, we love it there.” — Wiggles

“It is different there. The coaches have changed things quickly and there is a lot of energy around the program now.” — Rivals100 linebacker Phillip Webb

“There is definitely a new buzz around Georgia Tech and you can feel it as soon as you step on campus. I have also noticed that the Georgia Tech fans are more active and interactive. They weren’t like that before.” — Meiguez

“Everyone wants to visit Georgia Tech now. Before, every recruit in Georgia didn’t even look at Georgia Tech as a possibility. Now, everyone is asking when they can go check things out and visit the 404.” — Downs

“They are moving from a wing-T to a spread, so they are going to try to recruit more big linemen like me. There seems to be way more excitement.” — Three-star offensive lineman Javion Cohen

“I notice more talk, because everybody is excited to see what a non-option offense will look like at Georgia Tech. They are joining everybody else as far as the spread goes. It is going to be very interesting to see.” — Mims

“Georgia Tech is like the new craze. All my freshman friends are posting their pictures wearing their Georgia Tech bracelets. That’s what they are all talking about.” — Nichols

“More kids are definitely interested in visiting Georgia Tech more than in the past.” — Hardy

“I was getting recruited by the old staff, and the energy was kind of medium. But then I went on campus with the new staff, and they were on fire.” — Hill

“Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot more stuff about them on social media and other recruits talking about them as well.” -- Lockett

“The swag is different. The vibe is different there now.” -- Lewis

How many wins will they get next season?

“I see a 10-2 season.” — Huff

“I think Georgia Tech will win 6-7 games this year, but the 2020 recruiting class could take them to the top.” — Wiggles

“I say around 8-9 wins this year.” — Downs

“I say 9-3. I really want to see what they do this year.” — Mims

“I say eight.” — Cohen

“I think they will get seven or eight. They had seven last year.” — King

“Eight or more.” — Hardy

“I think they will get six or seven wins.” — Hill

“I feel like they will get six or seven. This year won’t be a perfect year until they get some recruits in, but they will have a decent season.” — Nichols

“I’ll say at least six. More than they did last year for sure.” -- Lockett

“Many. People might not expect it but I think they’re going to win many.” -- Lewis