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Midwest Spotlight: Toughest questions about the rankings

Malachi Coleman
Malachi Coleman (

Only two rankings updates remain for the 2023 class and one of them is just around the corner. This week the national recruiting analysts give an overview of the toughest questions they faced in this rankings update. Up next is the Midwest.

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Should Drayk Bowen be a five-star?

The 2023 class currently has one five-star linebacker between the inside and outside positions in Texas standout Anthony Hill. While Drayk Bowen is currently the second-ranked outside linebacker in the class, he has done more than enough this season to be considered for a potential fifth star.

The two obstacles that Bowen could run into during this rankings release is the fact that he hasn't been able to compete at national events in the past due to a packed offseason baseball schedule and his position doesn't carry a high NFL Draft valuation.

Bowen cannot control the value of his position, but he will soon be able to prove that he is more than capable of competing with the best of the best as he is scheduled to play in the All-American Bowl in January. He should get strong consideration this rankings release, but if Bowen isn't able to earn his coveted fifth star this time around, he will be given every opportunity to do so prior to our final rankings release for the 2023 class.



Will there be additional four-star quarterbacks in the Midwest?

Michigan five-star Dante Moore leads the way in the Midwest quarterback ranks but there are three four-stars in the region as well in JJ Kohl, Brock Glenn and Avery Johnson. While I am not sure if we will see an additional five-star QB from the region during this rankings cycle, I do think there are a number of additional four-star candidates.

Oklahoma State commit Zane Flores was fantastic when I saw him play in person and should be in the four-star conversation. On the dual-threat side, there are two current three-stars in particular who were lights out this season in Ole Miss commit Marcel Reed and Washington commit Lincoln Kienholz, who both proved they are probably worthy of another star.

Cincinnati commit Brody Drogosh is another guy who had a fantastic season and should be considered as well.


How to order the Midwest offensive lineman?

The 2023 offensive line class is one of the strongest positions in the Midwest and, outside of current No. 1 overall offensive lineman Kadyn Proctor, there is plenty to debate in terms of stars and ranking.

Oklahoma commit Cayden Green is the current No. 2 offensive lineman in the region and had a fantastic season, but he has a strong group of prospects right on his tail in Luke Montgomery, Miles McVay, Charles Jagusah, Trevor Lauck, Logan Reichert, Cole Dellinger, Chris Terek, Joshua Padilla and Austin Siereveld. There are a lot of questions when it comes to order, but one thing is for sure and this is there is a ton of talent in this group.


How high should Malachi Coleman be in the rankings?

Nebraska commit Malachi Coleman's physical and athletic gifts are well documented but, like Drayk Bowen, he has received less exposure than others in this class due to being a star in a second sport. Also like Bowen, Coleman doesn't play in one of the nation's "football hotbeds" so there are questions as to how he will perform against top competition.

While it is quite possible that Coleman sees a bump during this rankings release, should he not, he is another recruit who will get an opportunity to prove he is everything we think he can be while competing at the All-American Bowl this January. His athletic freakiness is matched by few in this class and when Coleman finally gets a chance to put that on display in San Antonio, the height of his ranking is anyone's guess.