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Commit Fit: Which Pac-12 signees found the best situations?

As we wrap up the 2020 recruiting class, we take a look at each Power Five conference and see which teams landed the best fit at each position. We call it Commit Fit. Today, we take a look at the Pac-12.

Mark Pszonak contributed to this report.


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Ethan Garbers
Ethan Garbers

1. Ethan Garbers, Washington

2. Chance Nolan, Oregon State

3. Will Plummer, Arizona

4. Jayden De Laura, Washington State

5. Brendon Lewis, Colorado

Farrell’s take: Garbers will put up big numbers at Washington. Nolan is overlooked in this class by many but will be a long-term starter if he continues to develop. Plummer, De Laura and Lewis all fit their respective offenses well and have limited ceilings but also a low bust factor.


EJ Smith
EJ Smith (

1. EJ Smith, Stanford

2. Daniyel Ngata, Arizona State

3. Ty Jordan, Utah

4. Ashaad Clayton, Colorado

5. Chris Street, Cal

Farrell’s take: Smith can do a lot at Stanford running and catching the ball and the same can be said for Ngata at Arizona State. Jordan is a move-the-chains guy for Utah while Clayton is a home run hitter for Colorado. Street may not be as well-known, but watch him put up numbers at Cal.


Gary Bryant
Gary Bryant (Nick Lucero/Rivals)

1. Gary Bryant, USC

2. Jalen McMillan, Washington

3. Johnny Wilson, Arizona State

4. Kris Hutson, Oregon

5. John Humphreys, Stanford

Farrell’s take: Bryant will continue the legacy of star receivers at USC. McMillan will catch a ton of balls at Washington. Wilson has a high bust factor but if he puts it together, he can be unstoppable. Hutson is fun to watch and perfect for Oregon. Humphreys will be a reliable target at Stanford.


Mark Redman
Mark Redman

1. Mark Redman, Washington

2. D’Andre Rogers, Cal

3. Lukas Ungar, Stanford

4. Jack Yary, USC

5. Jake Overman, Oregon State

Farrell’s take: Redman has the physical ability to dominate at Washington. Rogers is an athletic kid who will excel at Cal. Ungar is your typical, hard-nosed and tough Stanford tight end. Yary has good downfield ability. Overman won’t get a ton of notice but he will be a quarterback's best friend.


Myles Hinton
Myles Hinton (Nick Lucero/

1. Myles Hinton, Stanford

2. Jonathan Denis, Oregon

3. Geirean Hatchett, Washington

4. Carson Lee, Colorado

5. Jonah Monheim, USC

Farrell’s take: Hinton is the perfect combo of physical and agile for Stanford. Denis will be the next great lineman under Mario Cristobal. Hatchett has a great name and frame for an offensive lineman. Lee and Monheim will develop over time.


Macael Afaese
Macael Afaese (Nick Lucero/

1. Maceal Afaese, Oregon

2. Omarr Norman-Lott, Arizona State

3. Tobin Phillips, Stanford

4. Kobe Pepe, USC

5. Jordan Berry, Colorado

Farrell’s take: Afaese is a high motor, active tackler. Norman-Lott can chase the passer and has good size. Phillips is a smash mouth kid. Pepe is a sleeper to watch for USC. Berry is huge but has quick feet and will anchor the Colorado line.


Sav'ell Smalls
Sav'ell Smalls (

1. Sav’ell Smalls, Washington

2. Joe Moore, Arizona State

3. Van Fillinger, Utah

4. Tuli Tuipolotu, USC

5. Jason Harris, Colorado

Farrell’s take: Smalls isn’t long but he’s athletic and has a great shoulder dip. Moore is relentless in pursuit. Fillinger does everything well and is a steady player. Tuipolotu plays with a non-stop motor. Harris has the highest ceiling of all at 6-foot-7.


Justin Flowe
Justin Flowe

1. Noah Sewell/Justin Flowe, Oregon

2. Jordan Banks, Arizona State

3. Damian Sellers, UCLA

4. Muelu Iosefa, Cal

5. John Miller, Oregon State

Farrell’s take: I had to include Sewell and Flowe together because they are freaks. Banks will run a lot of plays down for the Sun Devils. Sellers is the rare UCLA player on this list but is really good. Iosefa diagnoses plays. Miller will make a ton of tackles for the Beavers.


Dontae Manning
Dontae Manning (

1. Dontae Manning, Oregon

2. Clark Phillips, Utah

3. Jacobe Covington, Washington

4. Ayden Hector, Stanford

5. Jonathan Vaughns, UCLA

Farrell’s take: Manning is an elite ball hawk and will be great for Oregon. Phillips is a lockdown corner who could be the next Jaylon Johnson. Covington has great size and can play safety. Hector is an aggressive tackler who is all over the field. Vaughns will impact early at USC.