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Commit Fit: Which SEC signees found the best situations?

Mark Pszonak contributed to this report.

Sometimes it’s not always the highest-ranked prospects that fit the best with the program of their choice. In this Commit Fit series, National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell looks at the best fits from the 2020 class to the programs with which they signed.


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CLASS OF 2021 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Position | Team | State



Harrison Bailey
Harrison Bailey (

1. Harrison Bailey, Tennessee

2. Bryce Young, Alabama

3. Mike Wright, Vanderbilt

4. Luke Doty, South Carolina

5. Brady Cook, Missouri

Farrell’s take: Bailey over Young? Yep. This is about need as well and Bailey is just what the Vols need, a talented passer and a good leader. Young could easily win a Heisman at Alabama. Wright gets overlooked but will be a key for Vandy down the line. Doty is a very good athlete just starting to come into his own as a QB. Cook will low key put up huge numbers at Mizzou.


Kendall Milton
Kendall Milton

1. Kendall Milton, Georgia

2. Marshawn Lloyd, South Carolina

3. Cartavious Bigsby, Auburn

4. Jase McClellan, Alabama

5. Henry Parrish, Ole Miss

Farrell’s take: Milton should be the next great back at Georgia. Lloyd could be a star and a bell cow in South Carolina’s offense. I love Bigsby’s upside and think he could be amazing when he runs more north south. McClellan makes people miss and will be great in Alabama’s run offense. Parrish might be small but he runs bigger than his size, Lane Kiffin will use him in many ways.


Demond Demas
Demond Demas (

1. Demond Demas, Texas A&M

2. Kayshon Boutte, LSU

3. Malachi Wideman, Tennessee

4. Marcus Rosemy, Georgia

5. Javian Hester, Missouri

Farrell’s take: Demas reminds me of a young Dez Bryant although not quite as strong, so he could be amazing in a Jimbo Fisher offense. Boutte has the speed and most importantly the route-running to be special at LSU. Wideman is all about speed and athleticism and he will be a downfield threat in the Vols' system. Rosemy has great hands and will be a quarterbacks' best friend. Hester is a great get for Mizzou and will catch a ton of passes in the new offense.


Arik Gilbert
Arik Gilbert (Nick Lucero/

1. Arik Gilbert, LSU

2. Darnell Washington, Georgia

3. Damarcus Thomas, Ole Miss

4. Jonathan Odom, Florida

5. Eric Shaw, South Carolina

Farrell’s take: Gilbert is a freak athlete who could take things to the next level for LSU as a flex or outside option. Washington is a massive target who could be amazing if UGA utilizes him in the red zone, especially in its pro-style offense. Thomas is an athletic kid who will stretch the field in Kiffin's offense. Odom can do many things including block and move the chains for Florida. Shaw is tall and skinny but when he fills out, he’ll be a big, downfield target for the Gamecocks.


Broderick Jones
Broderick Jones (

1. Broderick Jones, Georgia

2. Chris Morris, Texas A&M

3. Jalen St. John, Arkansas

4. Marcus Dumervil, LSU

5. Javion Cohen, Alabama

Farrell’s take: Jones is an elite tackle with amazing athleticism and should progress like Andrew Thomas at UGA. Morris is an elite interior lineman who will be a leader on offense for the Aggies. St. John is a huge addition for Arkansas and the kind of lineman who Sam Pittman can make great. Dunervill has one of the highest ceilings in this class and will develop at LSU like many others who needed to be coached up. Cohen could be the next star OT at Alabama with some development and work.


Justin Rogers
Justin Rogers (

1. Justin Rogers, Kentucky

2. Gervon Dexter, Florida

3. Timothy Smith, Alabama

4. Jalen Carter, Georgia

5. McKinnley Jackson, Texas A&M

Farrell’s take: Rogers could be the best defensive tackle for Kentucky in ages and he will allow the linebackers to run free behind him. Dexter is an elite pass rusher and can string out the run and will dominate in Florida’s scheme. Smith is an elite athlete at the position and could be the best of this group for Alabama. Carter is also a freak athlete and will dominant inside in Georgia’s scheme. Jackson is a bit more raw than the rest but has a great ceiling and could be the next Daylon Mack for the Aggies.


Jordan Burch
Jordan Burch (

1. Jordan Burch, South Carolina

2. Zykeivous Walker, Auburn

3. William Anderson, Alabama

4. Samuel Anaele, Kentucky

5. Tyler Baron, Tennessee

Farrell’s take: Burch is an elite athlete who is raw but could be amazing in the Gamecocks' system with the right coaching. Walker is an aggressive kid who could play outside or inside and could be the next Marlon Davidson at Auburn. Anderson is an elite hybrid who could play the JACK role for Alabama. Anaele is a very good athlete with pursuit skills who will get off the edge for Kentucky. Baron will complement Thomas very well and they could be a dangerous duo.


Derek Wingo
Derek Wingo (Nick Lucero/

1. Derek Wingo, Florida

2. Chris Braswell, Alabama

3. Martavius French, Tennessee

4. Mekhail Sherman, Georgia

5. Jevon Banks, Mississippi State

Farrell’s take: Wingo is a freakish athlete who will make plays all over the field as a weakside or middle linebacker for Florida. Braswell is that big, athletic kid who excels in Alabama’s system. French is a huge inside linebacker who will be a downhill thumper in Jeremy Pruitt’s defense. Sherman is a huge ‘backer who could play like a five-star depending on how he comes back from injury. Banks is an elite tackler and great fit for Mississippi State.


Antonio Johnson
Antonio Johnson (Nick Lucero/

1. Antonio Johnson, Texas A&M

2. Elias Ricks, LSU

3. Kelee Ringo, Georgia

4. Donovan Kaufman, Vanderbilt

5. Nick Turner, Arkansas

Farrell’s take: Johnson covers a ton of ground and will be a much needed help at safety for the Aggies. Ricks is a tall, elite corner who will complement Derek Stingley well. Ringo is an elite athlete with good size and speed and he will be great in Georgia’s field corner spot. Kaufman is a sleeper to watch for Vandy. Turner should be a star for Arkansas early.