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Camp Chatter: What players were saying at Rivals 3 Stripe Dallas

DeSOTO, Texas – There is no higher honor for a football player than to earn the respect of his follow competitors. So we asked some of the participants at Sunday’s Rivals 3 Stripe Camp presented by adidas in Dallas to talk about which players impressed them most that they battled all day.

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Jaylen Mayden
Jaylen Mayden

Grant Gunnell, the 2019 quarterback, I liked him” – Rivals250 DB Jalen Green, Houston (Texas) Heights

Jalen Mayden was really good. He has God-given talent; he’s huge and he can sling it.” – 2021 QB Preston Stone


Qualan Jones
Qualan Jones

Qualan Jones was a running back who looked explosive to me.” – Three-star TE Christoph Henle, Arlington (Texas) The Oakridge School

Qualan Jones is just an athletic kid; an all-around running back.” Rivals100 LB Alston Orji, Rockwall, Texas

Keilon Elder is a physical back. Even though we are in a camp, I like a guy who can be physical.” – Orji


Kam Brown
Kam Brown

Kassidy Woods had some great catches.” – Henle

Braylon Henderson had great hands and even though he’s small, he’s not afraid of anyone.” – Alan Bowman, Grapevine, Texas

Kam Brown has as much potential as anyone out here I think.” – Bowman

Theo Wease. His release off the line was very good.” – Green

“The most talented is probably Trejan Bridges. He’s the most elusive guy I’ve probably ever seen.” – Stone


Nic McTear
Nic McTear

Nic McTear, you could see how physical he was.” – Henle


Demarcus Marshall
Demarcus Marshall

Demarcus Marshall’s kick-back was good and his speed and strength were both good.” – Jalen Redmond, Midwest City, Okla.

Demarcus Marshall. He’s something special. He’s aggressive. I call him Silverback.” 2019 OL EJ Ndoma-Ogar, Allen, Texas

Demarcus Marshall and EJ Ndoma-Ogar. I was really impressed with both of them. Demarcus is tough and delivers a good strike and stays in front of the guy. The same with EJ; he’s just a mean dude.” – 2021 OL Hayden Connor, Katy (Texas) James E Taylor

EJ Ndoma-Oga. He was a little more physical than the rest of them and his feet were quicker.” – Three-star DT Josh Landry, Houston (Texas) Lamar


Ron Tatum
Ron Tatum

Jayden Jernigan was quick with his hands.” – Ron Tatum, Oklahoma City (Okla.) Putnam City

John Graves was good. He was physical.” – Tatum

Brenden Lewis looked good. He flipped his hips well and got around his guy to the bag.” – John Graves, Lancaster, Texas

Ron Tatum was winning with the speed rush and getting around offensive linemen easily.” – Graves

Ron Tatum, I was impressed with his drive and his hustle.” – Jalen Redmond, Midwest City, Okla.

Robert Harbor. He has the best move on me. When he did that little rip on the edge I was like, that’s a wrap.” – Ndoma-Ogar

Ron Tatum, his speed rush was amazing. I’ve never gone against someone who can do it that well. It was hard for me to move my feet and adjust.” – Connor

Juan Henry and Dennis Osagiede, they did pretty good. Juan, I liked his quickness off the line; he was real quick.” – Landry

Tyler Lacy. He’s really good to go against - he has quick hands. He’s really fast too.” – Three-star OT Rafiti Ghirmai, Frisco (Texas) Wakeland


Verone McKinley
Verone McKinley

Isaiah Humphries was very effective with his press.” – Three-star WR Jaylon Robinson, Fort Worth (Texas) Paschal

Verone McKinley was very good with his coverage.” – Robinson

RJ Mickins, he’s a beast. Verone McKinley was really good, too.” – Stone

“I went against RJ once. He’s just a young guy but he’s patient and he was physical so those were the two things that impressed me.” – Three-star WR Tre Adams, Frisco (Texas) Wakeland

Brodrick Calhoun. He’s a great DB. It’s just the best against best, you know, iron sharpens iron.” – 2019 WR Trejan Bridges, Carrollton (Texas) Hebron

Verone McKinley. He’s just a great teammate. I’m always going against him in practice.” – Bridges