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UA All-America Game Week: The Farrell Awards

ORLANDO – The Under Armour All-America Game is in the books and as usual we wrap things up with the Farrell Awards, some you want to win and some you don’t.


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CLASS OF 2021 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Position | Team | State


Mighty Mouse


This award goes to the smallest player who made the biggest impact during the week and to me it was DB Andre Seldon. He’s not the biggest defensive back out there but he plays big even making a play on 6-foot-8 tight end Darnell Washington.

Honorable Mention: RB Chris Tyree, RB Daniyel Ngata, DB Ladarius Tenninson, DB Lideatrick Griffin


Lighting in a Bottle

This award goes to the prospect who makes everyone stand up and notice when he touches the ball and this year it was RB Zach Evans. The off-field stuff and recruiting is interesting but on the field he’s so much fun to watch and had a very good week overall.

Honorable Mention: WR Rakim Jarrett, WR Arian Smith, WR Kayshon Boutte, RB EJ Smith, RB Chris Tyree, WR Julian Fleming, WR EJ Williams


Physical Freak

The title of this award speaks for itself and TE Darnell Washington is just that — a physical freak. I’ve never seen a better looking tight end off the bus. Washington has some flaws in his game but he can be a major weapon if used properly.

Honorable Mention: WR Jaquavion Fraziars, OL Broderick Jones, DT Gervon Dexter, OT Walker Parks, DE Jordan Burch, LB Mekhail Sherman, TE Theo Johnson


Bull Market

Who’s moving up in the rankings? Many players but DT Gervon Dexter was the talk of the week. Is he too low? How high should he be? Is he a five star? Dexter’s play this week will lead to a big bump, we just have to figure out how high.

Honorable Mention: DB Demorie Tate, DB Dontae Manning, WR Kayshon Boutte, DB Andre Seldon, DB Jahari Rogers, WR EJ Williams, WR Brenden Rice, DT Jalen Carter


Bear Market

You don’t want this award and DE/LB Sav’Ell Smalls really underwhelmed this week. He wasn’t as athletic as advertised and he was dwarfed by many other defensive ends. He had a solid game and is an active player but is he a five-star?

Honorable Mention: TE Darnell Washington, DE Desmond Evans, DB Lejond Cavazos, QB Robby Ashford, QB Haynes King, DT DeMonte Capehart, OL Mitchell Mayes, OL Bryn Tucker


Mr. Hustle

This goes to the player who showed the most energy and love of the game all week and to me it was DT Jalen Carter. He was high energy in everything he did and even played tight end when needed.

Honorable Mention: DT Gervon Dexter, DB Andre Seldon, LB Curtis Jacobs, RB EJ Smith, LB Trenton Simpson, DT Jaquelin Roy, DE Chris Braswell, DB Avantae Williams


Fancy Feet

The award for the best footwork usually goes to a running back or defensive back and DB Jaylon Jones takes it this year. I love how fluid Jones is with his feet and he’s never off balance or over-commits. He could play corner or safety at the next level.

Honorable Mention: DB Andre Seldon, RB Chris Tyree, RB EJ Smith, DB Jahari Rogers, DB Enzo Jennings


Hard Hat

This award goes to the biggest hitter and without a doubt that is LB Trenton Simpson. Why does Simpson hit so hard? Because he closes so fast and arrives at the football with such force that the ballcarrier just has to go flying backward.

Honorable Mention: DB Christopher Thompson, LB Curtis Jacobs, LB Wesley Steiner, DT Jalen Carter, LB Phillip Webb


Lunch Pail

This goes to the guy who quietly goes about his business and gets the job done with little fanfare and to me that’s LB Wesley Steiner this year. He’s not big but he can move and cover a lot of ground and he doesn’t miss tackles.

Honorable Mention: DB Demorie Tate, DT Jacolbe Cowan, RB EJ Smith, LB Jaylon McCluster, TE Elijah Yelverton, OL Sedrick Van Pran, DT Warren Brinson, WR Brenden Rice, WR Marvin Mims


Stick Em

This award goes to the player with the best hands and to me that’s WR EJ Williams. He’s not a burner but he’s not slow either and he’s very fluid. And when the ball comes his way, he’s going to come down with it.

Honorable Mention: WR Julian Fleming, WR Brenden Rice, TE Elijah Yelverton, WR Keyshon Boutte, RB Zach Evans


Poise Under Pressure

The quarterback who handles himself the best under duress gets this award and it was QB Drew Pyne for me. He handles the rush well, moves around and extends the play and keeps his head about him. His mental toughness will help him in college.

Honorable Mention: QB Hudson Card, QB Jeff Sims


The Snuggie

This award is named after an old Christmas gift favorite and goes to the defensive back who blankets opponents the best. To me that was DB Dontae Manning, who was never out of position and covers a ton of ground with his speed and length.

Honorable Mention: DB Demorie Tate, DB Jaylon Jones, DB Andre Seldon, DB Enzo Jennings, DB Jahari Rogers, DB Avantae Williams


Boom or Bust

This award goes to the player who could be great or could be in the transfer portal quickly and we go back to RB Zach Evans. His on-field talents aren’t in question but there are so many off-field issues I could see him flaming out as much as he could be a star.

Honorable Mention: TE Darnell Washington, DE Jordan Burch, WR Michael Redding, WR Arian Smith, LB Reggie Grimes, OT Marcus Dumervill, DT Jayson Jones


Mr. Consistency

This award speaks for itself and OL Broderick Jones was good from the start to the finish. I was initially worried that he had lost too much weight but now that’s a good thing. They are going to build him into a monster in college.

Honorable Mention: TE Elijah Yelverton, WR Brenden Rice, WR Marvin Mims, RB EJ Smith, OL Chris Morris, DT Jalen Carter


Game Changer

This goes to the player who can impact a game in a second and turn the momentum and to me that’s WR Julian Fleming. He showed off his big-play ability in practice here and there but he really impressed in the game with his long touchdown catch.

Honorable Mention: RB Zach Evans, WR EJ Williams, WR Kayshon Boutte


Star Gazer

This award goes to the guy who was close to a fifth star heading into the week but didn’t really take the next step and that’s WR Marcus Rosemy. He was solid but also invisible at times and certainly wasn’t spectacular at any moment.

Honorable Mention: DT DeMonte Capehart, LB Antoine Sampson, DE Desmond Evans, OT Walker Parks