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Sunshine State Survey: Prospects weigh in on recruiting topics

CLASS OF 2019 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | State | Position | Team

CLASS OF 2020 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | State | Position

Jacorey Brook
Jacorey Brook (Nick Lucero/

MORE: Sunshine State prospects dish on the Big Three

The offseason 7-on-7 circuit is just getting started in earnest, with several elite teams from around the country holding their tryouts and showcases. Two of most notable and well-known teams in South Florida, the Florida Fire and South Florida Express, held their events last weekend, with plenty of big-time talent on hand. With so many future stars from the Sunshine State, we thought there would be no better time than to ask them a series of questions about the Big Three -- Florida, Florida State and Miami -- as well as some other recruiting topics. Today is part two of the survey.

Which Big Three program do you think had the best 2019 recruiting class? 

Pick: Miami

Why: “I like a lot of those players. Almost all of them.” -- 2021 wide receiver Jacorey Brook

Pick: Florida

Why: “I believe Florida … for sure. Keon Zipperer? Chris Steele? I like that class.” -- 2020 Rivals250 wide receiver Aydin Henningham

Pick: Florida

Why: “This year it was probably Florida. They had some big-time kids from Lakeland and around the country. Keon Zipperer and Lloyd Summerall, those were some of the guys that caught my eye.” -- 2021 offensive tackle Marcus Tate

Pick: Miami

Why: “To be honest, I know a lot of the guys that are going there and I know they can play.” -- 2020 defensive back Jordan Cash

Pick: Miami or Florida State

Why: “It’s either Miami or Florida State. They had all the best players.” -- 2020 Rivals100 wide receiver Marc Britt

Pick: Florida State

Why: “They got some guys from down here, Jarvis Brownlee is one of them. I think they got some good players.” -- 2020 quarterback Katravis Marsh

Pick: Florida

Why: “I think Florida. They have the Florida guys. Then, they got Chris Steele and I’ve seen enough videos of him to know.” -- 2020 three-star wide receiver Bryce Gowdy

Pick: Florida

Why: "Florida for sure.” -- Rivals250 Penn State linebacker commit Derek Wingo

Which Big Three program has the best gameday experience? 

Pick: Miami

Why: “Miami for sure – when they get the turnover chain out and then the beat drops.” -- Brooks

Pick: Miami

Why: “As of right now, I’m going to say Miami. It’s fun at those games.” -- Britt

Pick: Florida

Why: “It’s so loud there, everything echos inside the stadium and it’s huge.” -- 2020 three-star quarterback Michael Pratt

Pick: Miami

Why: “I’ve only been to a Miami game and an Alabama game so far but it’s different. Miami, there’s a whole vibe from the city, but for Alabama it seems like it’s just people from the school because it’s in a college town.” -- Tate

Why do you think some top prospects opt to leave the state of Florida? 

Why: “Ya know, I think they just want to experience something new and get out of Miami.” -- Brooks

Why: “They want to see something different. Sometimes, people get tired of here.” -- Henningham

Why: “Probably just to play against the best competition level among the best talent they can be around. Probably just to get away, too, to experience new things and see what it’s like.” -- Pratt

Why: “They don’t want to be around this environment. Like me, I don’t want to be here. I would rather go far from here because I don’t want to get caught up in anything in college.” -- Marsh

Why: “Sometimes, it’s just because the coaches in the state don’t really mess with us like that.” -- Gowdy

Why: “I guess they’re just doing what’s best for them and they’re doing what’s going to help them get to the next level. I respect everyone’s decision and they have to do what’s best for them and if they feel like that’s where it’s at, that’s why they leave.” -- Tate

Why: “I think it’s the best thing for them. They’re making a name for themselves outside of Florida, which is what I want to do. When I go to school I don’t want to be in Florida I want to get out of Florida” -- Cash

Which out-of-state program does the best job of recruiting Florida?

Pick: Georgia

“Georgia is always getting the nice athletes down here – running backs, wide receivers and DBs.” -- Brooks

Pick: Penn State

Why: “I think they do a good job. They love me and they are trying hard. They try with all the top guys here.” -- Britt

Pick: Alabama

Why: “Man, probably Alabama. They do a great job. They get the top guys.” -- Gowdy

Pick: Louisville

Why: “They’re always down here recruiting Florida guys. I actually talked to them last week.” -- Cash

Pick: Clemson

Why: “They’ve come down here and gotten some guys out of Miami before.” -- Marsh

Pick: Georgia

Why: “Georgia has been getting a lot of the top players from down here.” -- Tate