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Shrine Bowl: Commits make bold class predictions for their teams

Dax Hollifield
Dax Hollifield (Nick Lucero/

SHRINE BOWL: Prospects make recruiting predictions

Most of the top players at this year’s Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas are committed and preparing to sign with their respective schools next week. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still working the phones and various forms of social media to help add to their school’s haul on the recruiting trail. We chatted with several committed players during the week and asked them to make some bold predictions on which other prospects their schools might add in the coming days.



K.J. Henry. I just think that he’s the perfect Clemson fit. Just his character, his personality, everything he is. He belongs at Clemson.” – Jake Venables, three-star linebacker commit

“We’re trying to get K.J. Henry in the boat but I don’t know what he’s going to do yet. We’re trying to get Justyn Ross. I know we’re talking to Bookie Radley-Hiles, too. It’s a great percentage that he will end up there with us.” – Derion Kendrick, four-star wide receiver commit


“We’re going to be really solid. If we can get Jovaughn Gwyn we’ll be good to go.” – Ricky Person, four-star running back commit.

“Jovaughn Gwyn is the one guy I would say ends up at NC State.” – Gabe Gonzalez, three-star offensive line commit


“I think we’re going to close out the recruiting class solidly. We'll be one of the top recruiting classes in the nation. Once we get everybody committed we'll be one of the tops in the nation. I think we'll be can get Asante Samuel out of Florida.” – Dakereon Joyner, four-star South Carolina quarterback commit.

“I’m not sure how we are going to finish out the class. I know we’re doing a great job and I’m very happy with who we have committed.” – Hank Manos, three-star offensive line commit


“I know Dax Hollifield is looking pretty good for us. He has us in his top three and we’ve been talking about it out here at the Shrine Bowl. K.J. likes us a lot too. The tight end James Mitchell is looking good for us too.” – Joe Kane, three-star defensive end commit

“I think we’re going to close out the class really strong. It'll be just as strong as we started the class. There will be some great people like Dax, K.J., and a couple other people. You might feel to get some guys to flip too. We’re working on Jamal Elliott. Oregon had their whole situation. I'm trying to find a couple more people.” – DJ Crossen, three-star defensive back commit

“I'll say we should end in the top 15 in the recruiting rankings. It's coming to an end soon. Jamal Elliott could come and I think the tight end James Mitchell is coming too. I want to ask and K.J. to come.” – Alan Tisdale, four-star linebacker commit.

“Dax Hollifield. We’re always working on him and trying to get him up there with us.” – Eli Adams, three-star defensive end commit


“I know we just got a new one this week. A lot of the guys I’ve been working on have already committed so we’re pretty full by now. I know we have one wide receiver that I’m looking at but it’s pretty full and I think that’s it’s pretty much wrapped up. Names? I don’t have any.” – Sam Hartman, three-star quarterback commit

“We’ve got a lot of spots filled up. I’ve been talking to one other defensive lineman and one wide receiver but I think we’re pretty much filled up.” – Kelijiha Brown, three-star defensive tackle commit


“I really don’t know to be honest. I talked to Vincent Gray, the Missouri cornerback commit, that I talked to for a while and he seems like he likes West Virginia a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised if he flips and signs early.” – Bryce Wheaton, three-star wide receiver commit