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Shrine Bowl: Prospects make recruiting predictions

The Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas all-star game takes place on Saturday, pitting the best of the prospects from the two states against one another in annual game that always draws top prospects. But where will the most high-profile uncommitted players from the two states end up? We surveyed other players participating at the event to get their opinions on where their peers might land.

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K.J. Henry
K.J. Henry

“I think K.J. picks Virginia Tech.” – Joe Kane, three-star Virginia Tech defensive end commit

“I’ll say Clemson but I see him and Xavier Thomas are pretty close.” – Jordyn Adams, four-star North Carolina wide receiver commit

“I’ll say Virginia Tech because that’s where I want him to go.” – DJ Crossen, three-star Virginia Tech defensive back commit

“I hope K.J. goes to South Carolina.” – Dakereon Joyner, four-star South Carolina quarterback commit.

“I’m trying to get K.J. to come to Virginia Tech but I could see him at Clemson.” – Alan Tisdale, four-star Virginia Tech linebacker commit

“He might end up going to South Carolina.” – Ricky Person, four-star NC State running back commit

Georgia, but I’m not sure.” – Dax Hollfield, uncommitted four-star linebacker

“Clemson seems like the hotspot these days. I’ll say Clemson but I can see him ending up there, which would suck because they have too many good defensive linemen already. I hope he goes to the Pac-12 or something like that so I don’t have to see him,” – Sam Hartman, three-star Wake Forest quarterback commit

“Georgia or Clemson. I just see him going there,” – Rick Sandidge, uncommitted four-star defensive tackle.

“I think he ends up at Clemson. He seems like that’s the place he fits,” Stephon Brown, Appalachian State quarterback commit

“I would probably say Clemson. I notice him there a lot on social media and stuff and haven’t seen him talk much about other schools,” Gabriel Gonzalez, three-star NC State offensive line commit

“I would say Clemson. It’s a big-time school. He’s a big-time player and it’s so close to home for him,” – Chris Dunn, uncommitted kicker

“I think he will pick Georgia over Clemson,” – Eli Adams, three-star Virginia Tech defensive end commit

Rick Sandidge
Rick Sandidge (Nick Lucero/

“I know he likes Georgia and South Carolina and North Carolina. It's something we're going to talk about this week.” – Henry

“People talk about South Carolina for Rick but we don’t know yet.” – Kane

“South Carolina.” – Crossen

“I feel comfortable about Rick picking South Carolina.” – Joyner

“I’ll say South Carolina.” – Tisdale

“He might go to Georgia.” – Person

“I think he’ll end up at Georgia.” - Raiqwon O’Neal, three-star Rutgers offensive line commit

“South Carolina.” – Hollifield

“I see him a lot at South Carolina on social media. I think that’s where he ends up,” – Gonzalez

Channing Tindall
Channing Tindall (Nick Lucero/

“I’ll say Georgia for Channing. I see they’re building up their program and I know him on a personal level. I heard he liked Auburn a lot too.” – Adams

“I don’t he goes to South Carolina.” – Joyner

“South Carolina.”- Hollifield

“I think he’s going to go to Georgia. He said he’s had some strong ties for a while and he likes going down there.” – Jake Venables, three-star Clemson linebacker commit.

“I think Channing is going to go up there to Georgia. I feel like he’ll be a good fit there.” Mateo Durant, three-star Duke running back commit

“I could see South Carolina.” – Hartman

“I think it’s going to come down to Georgia.” – Sam Pinckney, uncommitted two-star wide receiver

“Georgia. I can see him there and fitting the scheme playing under Kirby Smart and I think that’s who he really likes.” – Adams

“I think he says in the state of South Carolina and picks the Gamecocks.” – Kelijiha Brown, three-star Wake Forest defensive tackle commit

Dax Hollifield
Dax Hollifield (Nick Lucero/

“Dax is my roommate here. I know he likes Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and Stanford. I think he’ll go to either Virginia Tech or Stanford.” – Henry

“Either Virignia Tech or Stanford for Dax.” – Kane

“I think Dax comes to North Carolina.” – Dyami Brown, four-star North Carolina wide receiver commit

“I say Dax ends up with us at North Carolina.” – Adams

“Dax is coming with us. Virginia Tech all the way.” – Crossen

“He can go anywhere he wants but I see him in a Stanford uniform.” – Dennis Smith, three-star Duke wide receiver commit

“I think Dax goes to Virginia Tech.” – Joyner

“Hopefully he comes to Virginia Tech but I could see him at Stanford.” – Tisdale

“I think Dax may end up at Chapel Hill or Stanford.” – Person

“Stanford. I just feel like it’s the place he’s going,” – Sandidge

“He told me he’s going to Stanford. So I’m going go with them as my pick.” – Gonzalez

Jovaughn Gwyn
Jovaughn Gwyn (Nick Lucero/

“I hope Jovaughn picks South Carolina. That’s my boy.” – Hank Manos, three-star South Carolina offensive line commit

“I think Jovaughn probably goes to South Carolina.” – Henry

“He stays to himself pretty much but I’ll say South Carolina.” – Brown

“I feel comfortable about Jovaughn picking South Carolina. I know it’s us or NC State” – Joyner

“I think we can get Jovaughn at NC State.” – Person

“He’s kind of a quiet dude. I saw him at an official visit to NC State. He came after his playoff game and made the late trip so for him to go through all that trouble I think he ends up at State.” – Gonzalez