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Rivals Camp Series Tampa: Players surveyed on Scott Frost, Nebraska

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Scott Frost
Scott Frost (AP)

LAKELAND, Fla. – The college football world was abuzz when Scott Frost left UCF for Nebraska and the Cornhuskers were one of the major storylines of this past season. At Sunday’s Rivals 3 Stripe Camp Series presented by adidas, 70 miles from the campus of Frost’s previous team, we asked some participants what their thoughts are on Frost, the Huskers, and their recruiting presence in Florida.

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What did you think of Scott Frost's first year at Nebraska?

Jalen Rivers
Jalen Rivers (Nick Lucero/

“I know they did well enough to have a winning season but just couldn't quite get it.” - Wide receiver Marcus Clarke

“I know it was not as good as people probably thought but I think building on what he did last year will be really good the next few years because of what he did at UCF and the coaches he brought it.” - 2021 defensive end Cade Denhoff

“They did really well, especially with a freshman quarterback. They have a really good offense and you can tell he’s an offensive coach that will put points on the board.” – Rivals100 wide receiver Michael Redding

“I’m really impressed with him and the way his staff transitioned to Nebraska.” - Rivals250 offensive lineman Jalen Rivers

“I think he did great. I watched a couple games.” - 2021 linebacker Dedrick Smith

“It was rough this season but it was for him his first season at UCF.” - four-star defensive end Chantz Williams

Were you surprised he didn't sign more players from Florida in 2019?

“I was really surprised because he know who all of us are.” – Clarke

“A little bit but they’re out there in Nebraska.” – Denhoff

“I was kind of surprised because he was right here at UCF and knows the talent that’s around Florida.” – Redding

“Yeah because he came from UCF and you’d think he’d want some more Florida players.” – Rivers

“I wasn’t surprised. It’s pretty far and I don’t think the Florida boys are ready for the cold.” – Smith

Do you think his name still carries weight with Florida prospects?

“Yes he is still respected a lot.” – Clarke

“I think it does because of what he did at UCF and the foundation he built there.” – Denhoff

“Of course it does.” – Redding

“Yes because he has a great reputation.” – Rivers

“Yes because of the relationships he built when he was at UCF.” – Williams

How do you think Nebraska will do in 2019?

“I think they’ll do a lot better this year.” – Clarke

“I think they’ll have a pretty good year. I think they’ll hang in the top 25 and surprise some people.” – Denhoff

“I think they’ll be great this year.” – Redding

“I hope they do well this year.” - Rivers

“I think they’ll do great.” – Smith

“I think Nebraska is definitely going to do better this season.” – Williams