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Prospects pick their own MVPs from Orlando Rivals Camp Series

CELEBRATION, Fla. – There is no higher honor for a football player than to earn the respect of his fellow competitors. So we asked some of the participants at Sunday’s Rivals 3 Stripe Camp presented by adidas in Orlando to talk about which other players at the event impressed them with their performances.

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Dywonski McWilliams
Dywonski McWilliams

Dywonski McWilliams: He is a big quarterback who has a big arm. He could really throw the football.” – 2019 quarterback Kai Patterson

Jeff Sims. He showed great patience and he was smart with the football. He made good throws.” – 2021 quarterback Athan Kaliakmanus


Glover Cook and Niko Duffey. They both have good agility and can run the route tree very well” – Three-star running back Treshaun Ward

“Everyone there had talent, to be honest. I can’t really think about anyone that stuck out to me. They were all talented. Some had crisp routes with not as good hands and vice versa, some had hands and routes.” – 2019 linebacker Thomas Nance

"Brandon Marshall. He was a good route runner coming out of the backfield and playing in the slot. Also very explosive." – 2019 running back Seth Johnson

"Jalen Mitchell. I liked his competitive attitude." – 2020 running back Caziah Holmes


TJ Jones
TJ Jones

Tahveon Nicholson for sure. I know he’s my friend, but you said be honest so I’m being honest. He was the best.” – 2019 defensive back Jahlon Wilson

TJ Jones. He has great moves off the line of scrimmage and he ran really good routes.” – 2020 Miami wide receiver commit Leonard Manuel

Kamari Morales. He ran crisp routes and he knew how to sell his routes to get open.” – Davis


Chris Akproghene. He is so strong. He just overpowered guys.” – 2020 defensive end Chantz Williams

Allen Sanchez. I think with a lot of practice and work he will be a very good tackle.” – Three-star offensive lineman Chris Akporoghene


Latrell Jean
Latrell Jean

Norell Pollard. He was all about power. He was very strong and he won because of that.” – 2020 offensive lineman Jalen Rivers

Kamari Stephens. He knows how to get around the corner. He had good quickness and he was good on the outside.” – Rivers

Latrell Jean. He used his speed and hands to win. I thought he was dominant.” – Three-star defensive lineman Norell Pollard

Kamari Stephens. He is quick for his size and he was always working his hands.” – Williams

Latrell Jean. He got off the ball really well and he was using his hands non-stop.” – Three-star defensive end/linebacker Raymond Cutts

Raymond Cutts. I liked his technique he used. He was very aggressive. Those are the type of players I like to compete with.” – Akporoghene


“None of them. They can’t guard me period. Sorry. Nobody was good. Nobody is better than me.” – 2019 running back Kelvin Dean

Marcus Tillman. He was a very physical linebacker and he made great breaks on the ball.” – Davis


“Probably Fred Davis from Jacksonville. He’s real. He’s got good technique.” – 2019 wide receiver TJ Jones

Desmond Dailey. I didn’t go against him, but I saw him enough. I liked him. I just liked everything. He has those hips and good technique. He’s fast. I just liked everything about him.” – Manuel

“I like Jahlon Wilson. He put on a show for sure.” – 2019 athlete Tahveon Nicholson

Brendan Gant. He was one of the top cover guys and he has really good ball skills.” – Rivals250 defensive back Cortez Andrews

Dane Belton. He played with a lot of confidence all day and he made great breaks on the ball.” – Three-star defensive back Renardo Green

Demarcus Govenor. He is not the biggest defensive back, but he played hard, he played with a lot of heart and he looked like a versatile defensive back.” – Rivals100 defensive back Brendan Gant