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Pac-12 Spotlight: Commit Fit

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Sometimes it’s not always the highest-rated prospects that fit the best with the school of their choice. In this series we call Commit Fit, National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell looks at the best fits from the 2018 class to the schools with which they signed.

Today we examine the Pac-12.

Note: Only high school prospects are evaluated for this piece.




JT Daniels
JT Daniels (Nick Lucero/

1. JT Daniels, USC

2. Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA

3. Tyler Shough, Oregon

4. Tanner McKee, Stanford

5. Cammon Cooper, Washington State

Farrell’s take: Daniels should be a star at USC and fits perfectly into the offense while Thompson-Robinson’s dual-threat ability should fit well with Chip Kelly’s system. Shough has a lot of upside and should do well in an offense usually predicated on speed. McKee is a long way away from playing, but his talents are perfect for a pro-style offense like Stanford’s. Cooper is a gunlinger who should put up big numbers for Washington State.


Jamal Currie-Elliott
Jamal Currie-Elliott (Nick Lucero/

1. Jamal Currie-Elliott, Oregon

2. Kazmeir Allen, UCLA

3. Johnny Adams, Cal

4. Markese Stepp, USC

5. Justus Woods, Stanford

Farrell’s take: This is an interesting group because there isn’t a ton of star power here. Currie-Elliott can be a three-down back at Oregon and work well in space. Allen is shifty and will be a good fit in an up-tempo offense. Adams is a sleeper to me, a guy I could see having a four-star career at Cal. Stepp isn’t super-fast but he can be a power guy for USC in situations. Woods is multi-faceted, which is a key at Stanford.


Amon-Ra St. Brown
Amon-Ra St. Brown

1. Amon-Ra St. Brown, USC

2. Marquis Spiker, Washington

3. Chase Cota, UCLA

4. Drue Jackson, Washington State

5. Jalen Hall, Oregon

Farrell’s take: This is a loaded group and there is no way I can see St. Brown or Spiker failing in their respective offenses. Cota is a technician and excellent route runner so he’ll be a reliable target for UCLA. Jackson can haul in a ton of passes at Washington State. Hall is a wildcard, but if he puts it together he can be a superstar downfield guy for Oregon.


Spencer Webb
Spencer Webb

1. Spencer Webb, Oregon

2. Matt Alaimo, UCLA

3. McCallan Castles, Cal

4. Jay Symonds, Stanford

5. Teagan Quitoriano, Oregon

Farrell’s take: This isn’t a stellar group, but there could be some sleepers in here like Alaimo and Castles who could outplay their rankings. Webb is the best of the bunch and he and Quitoriano both have good size, are big targets and are at a position of need. Quitoriano is also interesting as a basketball prospect. At Stanford, Symonds is a big kid and an able blocker who plays an H-back role.


Penei Sewell
Penei Sewell (Nick Lucero/

1. Penei Sewell, Oregon

2. Jarrett Bell, Arizona State

3. Chris Murray, UCLA

4. Justin Dedich, USC

5. Sam Taimani, Washington

Farrell’s take: Sewell is the best of the bunch here and could be a plug-and-play guy for Oregon at guard or tackle. I really like Bell’s athleticism on the outside for Arizona State. Murray has good feet and can move, which is important in UCLA’s offense. Dedich is a nasty, aggressive center who will anchor USC’s line down the road. Taimani is an excellent run blocker and can also get to the next level.


Elijah Wade
Elijah Wade (

1. Elijah Wade, UCLA

2. Abdule-Malik McClain, USC

3. Andres Fox, Stanford

4. Draco Bynum, Washington

5. Adam Plant, Arizona

Farrell’s take: Wade has the highest ceiling of this group while Fox and Bynum could be the hardest workers and fit the mold of their defenses well. McClain is an edge guy with athleticism which is always a good fit at USC. Plant could move inside or play a big defensive end role for Arizona.


Trevor Trout
Trevor Trout (Nick Lucero/

1. Trevor Trout, USC

2. Tuli Letuligasenoa, Washington

3. Thomas Booker, Stanford

4. Israel Antwine, Colorado

5. Jackson Cravens, Utah

Farrell’s take: Trout is not only good against the run but he can flush the passer, which is what USC wants inside. Letuligasenoa and Booker are also well-rounded and will impact their defenses early. Antwine could be underrated and an anchor for Colorado in the middle. Cravens has a great motor and can work down the line of scrimmage.


Palaie Gaoteote
Palaie Gaoteote

1. Palaie Gaoteote, USC

2. Brandon Kaho, Washington

3. Solomon Tuliaupupu, USC

4. Merlin Robertson, Arizona State

5. Adrian Jackson, Oregon

Farrell’s take: Gaoteote is an elite tackler who can cover a ton of ground and will complement Tuliaupupu well. Kaho is a whirling dervish who will tackle everything while Robertson will set the physical tone for Arizona State. Jackson is long and athletic and will fit well in Oregon's defensive scheme.


Olaijah Griffin
Olaijah Griffin (Nick Lucero/

1. Olaijah Griffin, USC

2. Isaac Taylor-Stuart, USC

3. Kyler Gordon, Washington

4. Stephan Blaylock, UCLA

5. Kendall Williamson, Stanford

Farrell’s take: Griffin and Taylor-Stuart are a great 1-2 combo and either could move to safety if needed then transition to corner. Gordon is smooth in coverage and will continue a very good corner tradition at Washington while Blaylock and Williamson are aggressive and support the run well for their new defenses.


Julius Irvin
Julius Irvin

1. Julius Irvin, Washington

2. Steve Stephens, Oregon

3. Aashari Crosswell, Arizona State

4. Jevon Holland, Oregon

5. Jhevon Hill, Arizona

Farrell’s take: Irvin and Stephens could swap spots at the top because both are great fits for their future defenses with their footwork and ball skills. Crosswell doesn’t mind supporting the run and has good range while Holland and Hill are well-rounded.


Devon Williams
Devon Williams (Nick Lucero/

1. Devon Williams, USC

2. Bryan Addison, UCLA

3. Talanoa Hufanga, USC

4. Chase Williams, USC

5. Malone Mataele, Utah

Farrell’s take: Talk about an athletic group, all of these guys could play major roles, mainly on offense, for their new teams except for Hufanga, who could be a nasty defensive back and Williams who could be a smooth corner.