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More interest for Bruggman

Tyler Bruggman has been playing fantastically well throughout his junior season but like many good quarterbacks the 2013 prospect from Phoenix (Ariz.) Brophy Prep gives most of the credit to his receivers, running backs and offensive linemen.
"I am playing well and it's always nice to be 7-0 but we have a lot of playmakers on our team and the offensive line has done a great job so far of giving me time to throw the ball and get our athletes the ball in space and let them move the ball down the field," Bruggman said.
The modesty is commendable but Bruggman, a 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect, cannot argue with the numbers. Through seven victories the junior quarterback has thrown for 1,505 yards with 20 touchdowns and only one interception.
Because he's been playing so well, Bruggman has also seen his recruitment pick up and he already has offers from Arizona State and Colorado State. Since it's still so early, though, Bruggman said he doesn't want to name any favorites yet. He hasn't been to enough places to have a leader.
"I'm just keeping it open," he said. "There are a lot of schools I don't know very much about so I kind of want to know as much as I can about all my different options before I start narrowing down and making a decision."
Indiana, Michigan State, Duke, Arkansas and BYU have been showing interest in Bruggman, who's been to two Arizona games and one Arizona State game so far this season.
He said an out-of-state trip would be great but because of his schedule - and the fact that Brophy Prep doesn't have a bye week - it might be tough to see other campuses. That might have to wait until this off-season.
"I'd love to go someplace else but with not having a bye week it's tough to get away," Bruggman said.
"I don't have any plans to go anywhere but if there's an opportunity I'd love to go see another school and get a feel for that as well."