Rivals.com - Exit Interviews: What player did you want to commit to your school?
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Exit Interviews: What player did you want to commit to your school?

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Daxton Hill
Daxton Hill (Brandon Brown)

With the majority of the 2019 recruiting class already signed and just a select few big names still on the market, we thought it would be a good time to give the elite prospects from the class the opportunity to reflect on the recruiting process. In a series we are calling “Exit Survey” we polled some of the nation’s top talents at the recent all-star games to get their thoughts on notable recruiting topics.

Today’s question: Who is the one prospect you wish was coming with you to your school?

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"That’s a good one. Quavaris Crouch, who just went to Tennessee. I didn’t know if he was going to play linebacker or running back at Clemson, but he would have been a great pickup.”

“(Ohio State signee) Marcus Crowley from Jacksonville. I wish we kept him”

“I got a list of them. [South Carolina signee] Jakai Moore for sure. Then, one other one, I was hoping for – well, back in June I thought [Tennessee RB signee] Eric Gray might come up there with us. I wanted him.”

“Probably Zach Harrison. He was hard on Michigan for a while but he ended up going to Ohio State.”

"Maybe Stephen Herron. If he was able to go (to Nebraska) and they were to get on him. But I knew Stephen wasn’t going to go to a school like that. He wanted to go to Stanford all along. That would be a guy that I would want to play with, though.”

“My brothers (Syracuse signee) Mikel Jones and (LSU signee) Charles Turner. But they are going where their heart is and I can’t fault them for going where they want.”

“Definitely, Quavaris Crouch. I wanted him to come. I like his personality and he’s a good player.”

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