Dee down to two

One of the nation’s top players says he thinks he’s down to his final two after an impressive official visit to Miami this weekend. So who are the final two for standout cornerback Dee Webb?
Webb said all the calls from coaches and reporters and the uncertainitiy surrounding his situation is leading him to go ahead and announce where he’s going to go.
“It’s trying on you,” he said. “It’s tough.”
Webb said he would give his visit to South Beach very high marks and it looks like his father is sold, too.
“I think that’s where he wants me to go,” Webb said. “But he knows it’s my decision, but he was buying a bunch of Miami gear when we were there and he was wearing it all weekend.”
But Webb, a five-star selection from Jacksonville (Fla.) Ed White, said he’s still torn between being a Gator or Cane.
“I can’t go wrong with either team,” he said. “I can see myself winning a lot of games at both places.”