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Ask Farrell: What does the future hold for Noah Sewell?

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Noah Sewell

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CLASS OF 2020 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Position | Team | State

CLASS OF 2021 RANKINGS: Rivals100 | Position | Team | State

ATLANTA - The debate over Noah Sewell might get even more heated after the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge presented by adidas because he’s so incredibly talented but also so incredibly big.

The Orem, Utah, four-star linebacker had an excellent showing at the Five-Star Challenge - at more than 260 pounds - as Sewell showed off excellent athleticism and movement for having such size. And then he turned over and played running back for numerous one-on-one reps and looked great there as well.

The question has been asked before but his performance here could kindle the conversation over whether he’s a five-star prospect, what position he will play over the long term and projecting four or five years from now, where will Sewell make an impact on the game?

There is absolutely no question Sewell had a phenomenal performance at the Five-Star Challenge. He dominated during one-on-ones on both sides of the ball, he has a tremendous physical build and for someone who’s around 260 pounds he moves so well.

His brother, Penei, plays at 345 pounds as a sophomore at Oregon but his other brother, Nephi, played around 205 pounds in college so there’s no telling whether the four-star linebacker has reached his physical heights or will he continue to grow over the next three-to-four years as we project out and will he almost be forced to switch positions?

Comparisons to former LSU linebacker and first-round NFL Draft pick Devin White have been made, but White checked in at the NFL Combine at only 237 pounds - and that was after years of playing college ball. During his pro career, Levon Kirkland played in the 275-300-pound range, which could be the best comp for Sewell.


We ask National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell for his thoughts on Sewell and we ask him to project where he sees the massive linebacker playing in the coming years.

"Man, he's a tough one to evaluate because he's so good at his current size, which is 271, but you wonder how big he'll be in a few years. I mean he gained 20 pounds since our regional camp a few month ago and you wonder if he'll end up being a 300-pound defensive tackle.

"He's a special athlete and he will be in the discussion for a fifth star because he's so rare as a prospect, but there are still questions that need to be answered. Let's remember that Levon Kirkland was very rare for a linebacker and there aren't many like him. Sewell reminds me of our situation with Devin White, but he's much bigger and more athletic at the same stage. It will be interesting when we meet to discuss his ranking because we have some guys who are sure he's a five-star."