2014 DT Middleton starting to get looks

College interest is just beginning for Winston-Salem (N.C.) Parkland 2014 defensive tackle Deshaywn Middleton. The 6-foot-2, 295-pounder is just starting to hear from schools.
"I got a call from NC State recently," he said. "That's about the only school I know about. I am getting some mail from Duke and received mail from Florida."
Does Middleton like anyone?

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"My dream school has always been to go to Florida," he said. "I'm really hoping that comes through.
"It's just the atmosphere there. My cousin is Greg Jones who went to Florida State. I'm the type that likes to go to the other side of the fence. I've always liked the Gators and the way they carry themselves, the way the crowd is. I just love Florida, anywhere in Florida."
As interest picks up, Middleton went into detail about what he really wants in a college.
"What I really want in a school is leadership, someone that I can look up to," he said. "I want coaches who I can really connect to, laugh and joke around with. I want a really good medicine program. I also love a school that is really religious, that believes in God, so I can keep my faith in God."
So, what sticks out about Middleton as a player?
"I'd say my game is just power and the way I come off the ball. It's about my aggressiveness to get it."