Winter Park punter has three offers

Winter Park (Fla.) Trinity Prep's Eric Wilbur is arguably the best punting prospect in the state this year. Wilbur, who has already received three written scholarship offers, names a top five.
When caught up with Wilbur last he was hearing from his coach that Notre Dame was thinking about offering. Did they?
"Nothing has really happened with that but I'm still pretty interested in Notre Dame," Wilbur said. "I'm going to try and take a visit to them."
Eric Wilbur's three written offers are from state schools-- Miami, UCF, and Florida.
"I'm getting a ton of mail," he said. "Most of them are saying stuff like, 'we've got people in the pros,' and things like that."
"In no order-- Florida, Miami, UCF, Florida State, and Notre Dame probably," Wilbur said. "That's only because no one from out of state has really seemed interested. It's just been mostly in-state schools it looks like."
Wilbur also plays safety in high school but most schools like him at punter.
"Florida State said that they basically want me strictly as a punter," Wilbur said. "So did UCF. I talked to UCF's coach and he said, 'yeah we could use you at DB but we see you as more of a weapon as a punter because we can do fakes and stuff like that.' Miami and Florida both said with their situation right now I could come in as a freshman and basically start at punter. They're both really interested though as a DB, Florida maybe a little more than Miami."
Will he give more consideration to a team that will give him a chance at safety?
"I don't know," Wilbur said. "It's really whatever school is the best fit. I'm going to play whatever I can. I love safety and I love to hit but I can punt the ball and run down and hit people too."
Wilbur said he would probably schedule official visits to the top schools on his list except for one.
"I'm probably going to not take an official visit to UCF because I live like two doors down from them," Wilbur said. "I'll probably save one (visit) if another school comes along."