Wilson likes UNC, VT

Lawrenceville (Va.) Brunswick athlete E.J. Wilson has narrowed his list down to two schools and originally had been hoping to make a decision sometime before the start of the 2004 season. Coming off an unofficial visit to Blacksburg last week, Wilson appears more torn than ever between Virginia Tech and North Carolina.
“They’re pretty even right now,” admitted Wilson. “I was hoping to decide sometime before we kicked off out first game early in September, but now I’m think I’d like to take an official visit to each school first and decide after the season.”
Whether Virginia Tech was trailing North Carolina going into the visit is unclear, but regardless, Wilson liked what he saw in the Hokies.

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“The visit went really well and I got a good chance to get to know the coaches and Coach Beamer a lot better,” explained Wilson. “He’s a no nonsense coach who knows what he wants from his players. I liked the practice facilities there as well.”
One of the factors that may be delaying Wilson’s commitment may be the fact that position he’ll play in college appears to have come into question.
“Originally, I thought that I’d play linebacker, but now both Tech and Carolina are not sure where I fit in just yet,” said Wilson. “I’ve been working with a new quarterbacks coach that has been helping me sharpen my skills and I’m hoping a big senior year may draw some looks on offense. Both schools have expressed interest in me playing quarterback as well as on defense.”
While Wilson is not too concerned with where on the field he plays at the college level, there appears to be one clear cut factor weighing in on his decision.
“Early playing time is the most important factor for me,” admitted Wilson. “I don’t mind taking a redshirt, but I don’t want to be a bench player for three years either. In the end, being able to see myself on the field in year or two at either school will be important, as well as my general feeling for the campus atmosphere when I visit.”