Visits are holding up 2022 Rivals100 DB Jeadyn Lukus' recruitment
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Visits are holding up 2022 Rivals100 DB Jeadyn Lukus' recruitment

Jeadyn Lukus
Jeadyn Lukus (

As one of the top defensive backs in a very good class, coveted cornerback Jeadyn Lukus has no shortage of options but he hasn’t been able to learn everything necessary to take the next step in his recruitment. The 2022 Rivals100 prospect out of Mauldin, S.C. is getting closer to cutting his list down and making a decision but when the NCAA recruiting dead period ends will have a lot to do with his timing.


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“It's been good but a little crazy,” Lukus said. “I’m trying to find a commitment date soon. I know in April they're opening up the NCAA lockdown date for recruiting so I'm going to try to go on visits right when that opens up and then hopefully try to make a decision.

“Mostly it's wide open,” he said. “Obviously, there's obviously top schools that I have in mind but mostly it's pretty much open. Clemson, North Carolina, and Ohio State are probably the top three on my recent calls list right now.”

Clemson- “I think they definitely had a good season,” said Lukus. “They're an amazing program. Every year they're going into the College Football Playoff. Coach Reed is definitely a really good coach and I like him a lot. We talk a lot. I just talked to him a little while ago. He just makes me laugh a lot of the time. He's cool and I like him. I see their good technique and athleticism too. Coach Reed teaches them good technique. That's probably the biggest thing I see.”


North Carolina- “I saw Tony Grimes started a few times this year and that's pretty big,” he said. “I know he's a really good player. They're a really good team. I like coach Bly a lot. He's really cool and always keeps it real. We have good conversations and that type of stuff. That's the one of the schools I'm going to try and go up and visit when this thing is over.”


Ohio State- “Their DBs are always consistently in the top in the league,” Lukus said. “Coach Coombs and coach Day are really good coaches. I've talked to coach Coombs a lot and coach Day a good amount of times. It's just regular stuff and pretty much same as all the other coaches. They're trying to get me up there and all that type of stuff.”


On his plans for the next few months- “Everything's up in the air right now. I'm just trying to get out for some visits,” he said. “I want to see what the campuses look like because I've only visited a few colleges before we got locked down last year. The campuses and I haven't even seen a lot of their stadiums in person. I'm looking forward to seeing that type of stuff because I've already got the relationship with the coaches. A few schools I want to visit are Ohio State, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Florida, and maybe Clemson one last time before I make a commitment.

“I’ve only been to Virginia Tech, South Carolina a few times, and Clemson,” said Lukus. “I know coach Torrian used to coach at Florida and they were actually my first offer all the way back last December. He actually just reached out to me yesterday. Coach Beamer, the head coach, just texted me the other day too. He's a really cool guy and said he wants to get to know my family.”


Lukus looks like a special prospect that is on the brink of five-star status and he’s been recruited that way. Clemson is the favorite to land his commitment because of their proximity, defensive scheme, and his relationship with the coaching staff. North Carolina and Ohio State are the other main contenders and visits will be crucial for their chances down the road. Oklahoma and Florida are in a similar place as those two teams but their chances aren’t as good because Lukus isn’t as familiar with the Sooners or Gators program as he is with the Buckeyes or Tar Heels. The new staff at South Carolina is playing from behind right now but they have a chance to make a big impression on him over the next few months. Even though Lukus already holds offers from most of the nation's top programs, his recruitment would look a little different right now had he been able to take visits this past summer and fall. Expect more of the teams that have already offered, like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, and others, to get more involved once visits start up again.