Visit a life-changing experience for WR

Growing up in La Marque, Texas, three-star receiver Keith Dickerson said he’s never ever seen snow before. So when he took his official visit to BYU this weekend, he said seeing snow was a life-changing experience.
“We went snowmobiling,” he said. “I swear that was the funniest thing that I’ve ever done in my life. We were just riding around up in the snow and in the mountains going about 80 mph. That was a blast.”
But it wasn’t the only thing he liked about BYU.

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“I got a chance to see their receivers on film, and I think I honestly could come in there and play right away because they’re not really that good,” Dickerson said. “I also loved their facilities and the coaches were really nice. I think it would be a good fit for me.”
Dickerson is scheduled to visit TCU this upcoming weekend, but at this point he’s thinking more and more about going to Arizona instead.
“TCU doesn’t throw the ball enough,” he said. “And I know Arizona is going to throw the ball around quite a bit.”
After either TCU or Arizona, Dickerson will visit Texas A&M on January 23. At this point he said he’s open between all of the teams on his list, but BYU left a lasting – and life-changing – impression.