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Tuesdays with Gorney: New 2024 Rivals250 released

Their senior seasons are finished and the penultimate rankings are being released this week. In today’s Tuesdays With Gorney, Rivals national recruiting director Adam Gorney breaks down his thoughts position-by position as we release the new Rivals250 for the 2024 class.



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Dylan Raiola
Dylan Raiola (

There are now four five-star quarterbacks in the 2024 class with Georgia commit Dylan Raiola, Alabama pledge Julian Sayin, Florida commit DJ Lagway as the new one and Ohio State commit Air Noland rounding out that top group.

The real questions – which can only be answered during the all-star events – are:

Is Lagway still too low and should he be considered for the No. 1 spot in the quarterback rankings?

Should Noland keep his fifth star?

Among the other top QBs, Utah commit Isaac Wilson is such a baller and had a big senior season and we wanted to move him up some. Arizona pledge Demond Williams, even though undersized, could be a major dual-threat for the Wildcats like Noah Fifita has been this season.

The all-star games will be crucial. There could still be some significant movement here as we get the best apples-to-apples comparison and what I’m wondering is if Lagway can supplant Raiola and Sayin at the top.



Kameron Davis
Kameron Davis (Nick Lucero/

This has been the position that has flummoxed us from the beginning of the recruiting cycle – and we’re still not comfortable that we have it right at this point.

Florida State commit Kameron Davis did nothing to drop from the top spot but Oklahoma pledge Taylor Tatum had a phenomenal season. It’s my personal belief that Michigan commit Jordan Marshall might end up the best of this bunch.

Penn State pledge Quinton Martin and that whole host of Florida running backs from Jordan Lyle to Chauncey Bowens and beyond could still make a big statement in the final rankings release after the all-star games.

At all-purpose back, Georgia commit Nate Frazier is No. 1 but he wasn’t used nearly enough in his senior season as 2025 five-star Jordon Davison, Ajon Bryant and others are used in Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei’s backfield.

Notre Dame commit Aneyas Williams, Wisconsin pledge Darrion Dupree and others could push as well possibly.



Micah Hudson
Micah Hudson (

This wide receiver class is phenomenal with elite players at the top end led by Ohio State commit Jeremiah Smith, who’s the new No. 1 overall recruit. It’s going to be nearly impossible for any receiver to jump over him. Smith is that special and that gifted so his place is firmly planted in the position rankings.

But there are three other five-stars as of now with new Auburn pledge Cam Coleman shooting up to second, Texas Tech commit Micah Hudson third and Tennessee commit Mike Matthews fourth. At the all-star events, my bet is that Hudson impresses and could move even higher. I love his speed and electricity playing the position. Matthews has something to prove against national competition.



Trey’Dez Green
Trey’Dez Green

This was another position where there could have justifiably been three or four prospects that landed at the No. 1 spot but we didn’t think we could go wrong with LSU commit Trey’Dez Green, who has the size, athleticism and hands to be elite in Baton Rouge. We sided more with the athletic tight ends who can split out and make plays instead of the blocker-types who could also move the chains.

That’s why Green leads the way and then Nebraska commit Carter Nelson has moved up to second. Although he plays 8-man football, Georgia loved the kid and used some Brock Bowers-type comparisons so the Huskers are getting a major steal. Alabama commit Caleb Odom is basically a big receiver and he came in third followed by former No. 1 Landen Thomas, a Florida State pledge.

This is again a very deep group and with 31 four-stars it’s reflected as such.



Jordan Seaton
Jordan Seaton (Adam Friedman/

We have finally entered the five-star territory for offensive linemen and it’s only right to have some since almost every year the NFL Draft has first-round picks on the offensive line. We were probably a little late here as well but wanted to see some senior seasons before we made any drastic moves and we’re happy we waited.

New five-star Jordan Seaton had an absolutely dominant senior season at Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy and his athleticism, power and position versatility move him to No. 1 at offensive tackle. Right behind him is new five-star Brandon Baker from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei as well. He has elite tools and is an athletic specimen.

There could be others. Notre Dame commit Guerby Lambert and South Carolina pledge Josiah Thompson have moved up and then seeing Ohio State pledge Ian Moore and Nebraska commit Grant Brix at the all-star events will be great to then place them in the final rankings if moves are needed.

It’s going to be really difficult to move Eddy Pierre-Louis off the No. 1 guard spot as he has five-star potential but there will be others to watch including Texas A&M commit Ashton Funk and Alabama pledge Casey Poe. There still isn’t a ton of movement at center.



Colin Simmons
Colin Simmons (

The feeling is that there are a handful or so of elite defensive ends and then it falls off a little bit as we get into the mid-four-stars. That could definitely be proven wrong at the all-star games (and we moved some players up to five-star status after those events last year) but that’s how it stands as of early December.

At weakside defensive end, Texas commit Colin Simmons leads the way and I’d have him higher than ninth nationally. He’s so disruptive and versatile on a defense that he could end up higher after seeing him one last time. South Carolina commit Dylan Stewart has the length of a five-star but he’s going to have to prove it in the coming weeks.

At strongside defensive end, Missouri commit Williams Nwaneri leads the way and I’d be surprised if someone overtakes him for that No. 1 spot but he will be pushed by Ohio State pledge Eddrick Houston, Ole Miss commit Kamarion Franklin and Florida State pledge Armondo Blount, a reclass from 2025. I’m especially interested to see Georgia commit Joseph Jonah-Ajonye and Florida pledge Amaris Williams in a national setting.

Defensive tackle could see some movement as well. Oklahoma commit David Stone took the No. 1 spot after a phenomenal season where he showed speed, athleticism, toughness and a rare motor. But new Miami commit Justin Scott is right there and I’m especially interested to see Texas A&M pledge Dominick McKinley and Oregon commit Aydin Breland because those guys are special as well.



Sammy Brown
Sammy Brown (Nick Lucero/

The trend in the NFL Draft is to not take linebackers in the first round so we’ve been hesitant to load up with five-stars at this position but it’s a very strong group this year and there could be an argument made for guys such as Clemson commit Sammy Brown, Auburn pledge Demarcus Riddick and others to be considered for that highest ranking as well.

Georgia commit Justin Williams is a lock to stay among the five-stars as he can do everything from his linebacker spot and he’s a special playmaker. Notre Dame commit Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa probably deserved five-star status before his senior season but a fantastic year solidified it. Florida commit Myles Graham has the most to prove at the all-star events since he really hasn’t done any national events up to this point.



Ellis Robinson
Ellis Robinson (Nick Lucero/

After five-star Georgia commit Ellis Robinson on top of the cornerback rankings, there is a mish-mash of high four-stars that could still be jumbled up before the final rankings are release. Kobe Black, Alabama commits Jaylen Mbakwe and Zabien Brown, Florida State pledge Charles Lester and Ohio State commits Bryce West and Aaron Scott are all bunched up toward the top.

Texas pledge Wardell Mack and new Florida State pledge Cai Bates might still be a tad low.

At safety, five-stars KJ Bolden (Florida State) and Zaquan Patterson (Miami) lead the way and while Alabama pledge Peyton Woodyard lost his fifth star although he’s still elite and one of the best players in the country. Florida pledge Xavier Filsaime, who’s still being heavily pursued by Texas, might be undervalued heading into the all-star events.



Terry Bussey
Terry Bussey (

As the final rankings release gets closer we try to move athletes to their future positions so this list can get a little funky. It’s still a strong group led by new five-star Terry Bussey, who excelled running and throwing the ball this season and especially playing defense.

Tennessee commit Boo Carter is second on the list but might still be a little underranked and could be under five-star status since he’s such an elite playmaker. A few others such as South Carolina pledge Jalewis Solomon and Texas commit Aeryn Hampton should be watched as well.