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Travis Bond visits NC State

Three-star offensive tackle Travis Bond took his second official visit over the weekend. The 6-foot-7, 330-pounder rolled through NC State to witness the Wolfpack's win over Miami.
"It went really well," he said. "I got along with the players and coaches.
"I got up there on Friday. I went to the game, went out to eat and spent a lot of time with the players and coaches."
Bond was hosted on the trip by fellow offensive lineman Desmond Roberts.
"He was really cool. I know him from around my area. He was telling me how the coaches were and how they do stuff at NC State."
A big part of Bond's visit was for the game. What did he think?
"They won, they played Miami," he said. "I liked the way they run their offense. The quarterback is mobile and they have a pretty good offensive line. Everything looked pretty decent."
The No. 11 prospect in North Carolina left on Sunday, but before doing so he talked to the coaches further.
"I met with Coach O'Brien, Coach Horton and Coach Willis," he said. "They are all down-to-earth coaches. All of them talked the same, they told me what I could expect if I come there.
"Overall, it was a good trip."
Bond has scheduled two more official visits in the near future.
"I'm going to East Carolina on January 6th and North Carolina I changed to January 16th."
In home visits recently started up and Bond believes East Carolina and North Carolina will be coming by soon.