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Top prospects predict UGA-ND showdown

Roquan Smith and Georgia earned a 20-19 win over the Irish in 2017.
Roquan Smith and Georgia earned a 20-19 win over the Irish in 2017. (AP Images)

There is no doubt who plays in the game of the week is in college football this week. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are traveling down from South Bend to Athens to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. It is a clash between two top 10 teams and it will draw national attention.

Many of the top recruits in the country will have their eye on this game, and even some could be affected by the outcome. reached out to some of the best in the country that have Georgia and/or Notre Dame on their lists, to get their prediction of the prime-time showdown Saturday night.

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Ian Book
Ian Book (AP Images)

Cody Brown: “I think UGA wins 28-17 because both defenses are going to show up to play, but UGA is going to slash them up in the run game.”

Maliq Carr: “Georgia 35, Notre Dame 31. It will come down to the wire, a last-second touchdown.”

Lovasea Carroll: “I got Georgia winning 28-14. The reason for that is I don’t think Notre Dame can handle the Georgia offense and how quick they can move the ball down the field and score.”

Barrett Carter: “I have 35-14, UGA. I feel Notre Dame just won’t have an answer for Georgia’s offense, especially if D'Andre Swift and Jake Fromm play like they’ve been playing.”

David Daniel: “34-27, UGA wins. I know my Dawgs got it in the bag because they’ve been on a roll recently. If defense keeps Notre Dame’s explosive plays to a minimum, offense will provide.”

Blake Fisher: “Notre Dame 36, Georgia 17. It’s going to be a great atmosphere because they are at Georgia, but we have tools and I know we will have the proper preparation to win! Also, nobody is messing with our front five!!”

Jordan Hancock: “24-21, Notre Dame wins. Ian Book will have a solid game leading the Irish to the win.”

Donovan Jackson: “35-21, UGA wins. I believe that the run game will play a vital role in UGA’s offense, and ultimately take over the game.”

Jakailin Johnson: “I feel like it’s going to be a good game with the score Georgia 35, Notre Dame 28. I feel it’s going to be a close game.”

Jordan Johnson: “Notre Dame 24, Georgia 14. I think the guys are prepared. They are looking good in the previous games. The first game I felt like they got out a little slow, but they got it together and I think they’re ready.”

Theo Johnson: “Georgia 36, Notre Dame 15 is my prediction. I honestly think that Georgia is going to blow out Notre Dame. Georgia’s run offense, I don’t think Notre Dame’s going to be able to stop it.”

Jalen Kimber: Georgia wins 30-21. Notre Dame has a pretty good offense, but our defense is really good. It is going to be a good game, but not a shootout.”

Amarius Mims: “Georgia has the best offensive line in the nation, and they win 40-17.”

Micah Morris: “42 -28, Georgia. “I feel like Georgia’s offensive line will outlast Notre Dame’s defensive line, and that will determine the game.”

Caleb Offord: “Notre Dame wins, 28-24. They both have a good defense, but I think Notre Dame wins it with late-game adjustments and being well coached.”

Payton Page: “UGA wins.”

Daejon Reynolds: “A little to a lot, UGA wins.”

Kelee Ringo: “I would pick Georgia because big SEC schools against other conferences are almost must wins. Those are expectations they have for themselves.”

Gabirel Rubio: “Jake Fromm is going to feed Georgia’s rush game to soften the secondary and hope to go over top. Notre Dame has to force Fromm to throw outside of the pocket and Book has to be on the money ... which he will. Notre Dame wins, 24-20.”

Justin Robinson: “I have UGA over Notre Dame 35-14.This is my prediction because Notre Dame can’t hang with Georgia. It’s two different calibers of football.”

Jaquez Smith: “I will be at the game on Saturday and I have Georgia winning 31-17. I say that because I think Notre Dame’s defense is not ready for Georgia’s running game.”

Nazir Stackhouse: “I say Georgia wins at least 34-28. Even though we beat Notre Dame two years ago it was too close of a game, and I'm pretty sure Notre Dame got their offense right since then. UGA has a powerhouse team, great running backs and a great offensive line ... let's not even bring up their pass rush defense. So it’s going to be a battle, and most definitely a close game, but there will also be a lot of scoring.”

Zykeivous Walker: “Georgia wins 28-17. I think Notre Dame will play with them the first half, and in the second Georgia we pull away.”

Justin Walters: “Georgia 24, Notre Dame 21. I think it will probably be a decent scoring game, considering Georgia has a powerhouse offense.”

Darnell Washington: “38-10, Georgia wins.”

Len’Neth Whitehead: “UGA wins with a 17-point spread.”

Caleb Williams: “Georgia wins 31-21. I think they are going to start kind of slow, then just dominate Notre Dame.”