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Top prospects detail canceled or postponed visits

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all parts of American society including recruiting. The NCAA announced that no visits to college campuses can happen until April 15 and coaches cannot be on the road. The ban affects 66 of the nation's top prospects. They had 192 trips scheduled to 58 different programs. Here are the trips over the next few weeks that have been affected for some of the nation’s top 2021 prospects.

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CLASS OF 2021 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Position | Team | State

Aaron Armitage
Aaron Armitage (

"Florida on March 17-19 and Notre Dame on March 20-22."

"Texas A&M on April 18, LSU on April 4, Miami this Monday-Wednesday all got canceled."

"I have many visits canceled. Such as North Carolina, Florida, Miami, UCF, FIU, USF. I plan on making them up after this virus passes over."

"I was going on a bunch until all the closings. I was gonna hit Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa State, Wisconsin, Texas A&M and Alabama."

"All my visits I had planned are canceled now. I had Duke, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Virginia set up."

James Brockermeyer
James Brockermeyer (Nick Lucero/

"As of right now the only thing that has been affected is my official visit to Alabama that was scheduled for the April 4 weekend. Hopefully it becomes possible for us to reschedule it for another time."

"Minnesota got cancelled for March 21."

"I had to cancel my trip to Ohio State for April 2-4. I had USC planned for the 28th and Auburn for the 11th."

"As soon as this situation clears up with this virus I’m going to Georgia Tech."

"The virus ruined everything. I was supposed to be finalizing my decision but because of the canceling I’m forced to push it back and I was going all over, places like LSU, Georgia and Texas A&M."

"I won't be able to go to Ohio State for the spring practice. As of now our official visit is still on."

"I was planning on taking some unofficials on the West Coast. I was going to go up to Cal, Utah, Washington, UCLA and USC but now they are all going to be postponed because of the virus."

JD Coffey
JD Coffey (Sam Spiegelman)

"I was supposed to be at LSU Saturday but that was canceled."

"I have cancelled my Ole Miss and Michigan visit and I might have to cancel more if it keeps going. I have set a visit to Oregon on April 15."

"Michigan, USC and Alabama (have been canceled)."

"I was supposed to visit LSU and Kentucky and Virginia Tech."

"I was going to attend UCLA on March 14 and was going to Arizona State on March 20-22 and then I planned to visit Ohio State on April 14 and Washington on April 24. Now all my plans are messed up and it was important for me to get out to these schools since I haven't been able to be out on the circuit as much due to recovering from a hamstring strain, so they haven't had a chance to see me. Now they're saying that it might not be wise flying into Washington since that's where the COVID-19 virus is strong. So I don’t know. I can only take it one day at a time."

"Ohio State was canceled and Oklahoma."

"We were working on setting a date for an official visit at Notre Dame for April and an unofficial visit to LSU at the end of March."

Travion Ford
Travion Ford (Nick Lucero/

"Kansas State, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, LSU, Nebraska, Kentucky. Currently I have three official visits scheduled still for Mizzou, Louisville, and Illinois."

"I do not have any visits planned right now. I was planning to get back up to Clemson soon."

"I had visits to Penn State, Oklahoma and South Carolina, all schools high in my recruitment and all are going to be rescheduled. And I will be dropping my top 15 schools this Thursday on my birthday."

"Everything is shut down. I was supposed to go to Texas A&M, Alabama, Tennessee and LSU but can’t do anything."

"I was planning on visiting Louisville on March 20, Wisconsin on April 4, Ole Miss on April 11 and Miami on March 27."

"I was supposed to go visit Florida, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame but those all got canceled because of the virus."

"I planned to go to Florida State on March 28."

Jonathan Jefferson
Jonathan Jefferson (

"Auburn, Alabama and Mississippi State (were canceled)."

"Ohio State and Arizona State (were canceled)."

"I actually had two visits canceled. I was going to visit Nebraska and Louisville, now I have to reschedule them to later dates."

"I was supposed to attend South Carolina, Auburn and Alabama."

"It messed up a lot. I was going to West Virginia, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Maryland and Alabama."

"I was planning on visiting Cal and Oregon but never got to it."

"I was planning on trying to make it to Virginia on the weekend of March 28 and then Michigan the first Friday of April. I was going to book them this week."

"I had an Oregon visit canceled. Then I was coming to Louisiana-Lafayette for a visit Saturday, but I was heading down there and it got canceled on me."

Kamren Kinchens
Kamren Kinchens (Nick Lucero/

"Florida and Georgia."

"I haven’t scheduled any but I was planning on hitting Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan State, Purdue, West Virginia, Louisville and Kentucky."

"I had a visit to Florida State on March 28 and a visit to LSU on April 4 but they were canceled."

"I’m going to still visit the schools I had planned - Georgia, Penn State, UCLA, Michigan, Tennessee and Ohio State - but just rescheduling them."

"I believe Cal and Virginia have been canceled."

"Tennessee and Alabama (were canceled)."

"NC State and Arizona, South Carolina as well (were canceled)."

"I had a USC visit April 6 but I think we know that’s not happening."

Amarius Mims
Amarius Mims (Nick Lucero/

"My Florida State visit and my Alabama visit got canceled."

"I had a visit to Oklahoma for March 26-27 canceled and a trip to Tennessee on April 2 canceled."

"I had planned official visits to Florida, USC and Auburn but have been canceled due to the coronavirus."

"Not sure what I am going to do yet. I visited LSU before the whole thing blew up. I had also planned on visiting Miami, Texas and Arizona State as well."

"March 15, I was supposed to go to North Carolina, March 21-22 I was supposed to be at South Carolina, April 11-12 I was headed to Ohio State, UGA G-Day visit for April 18 was canceled, and my Kentucky visit for April was canceled."

"I had to cancel my Stanford and Notre Dame visits that were coming up this month. Also had to cancel Clemson on March 27. Pretty devastating considering I was going to try and commit in the month of April. Recruitment is now being pushed back and I will take those visits as soon as possible once the dead period is over."

"Fortunately my visits aren’t stopping me going to the ones I’m set up with which is LSU on April 18. I definitely would’ve gone to Washington, actually, but other than Washington none of my plans were canceled."

Maason Smith
Maason Smith (Nick Lucero/

"LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and USC visits all have to be canceled."

"I’m not sure when I’ll be allowed to be back on road, most likely when everything starts back up. I was supposed to go to LSU and ‘Bama during the second week of April. Also, on my spring break I was getting close to getting a date with Texas, Washington and Clemson."

"Yes, rescheduling my visits to Arkansas, LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. My dad also had us visiting USC, Virginia, Penn State, Georgia later but not until after summer."

"I was supposed to visit Alabama on March 21 and Georgia sometime in a couple weeks but it looks like I have to reschedule it."

"USC on March 19, Arizona State on March 21, Notre Dame on April 15 and Oregon on April 18 all have to get rescheduled."

"I had visits planned to Ohio State and Penn State that I need to reschedule now but I was able to visit Northwestern the week before the shut down."

"I was packed and ready to visit Alabama and then when I woke up to go to the airport it got canceled because of the virus the day we were going to leave."

Shemar Turner
Shemar Turner (Sam Spiegelman)

"LSU and Georgia have to get rescheduled. I go to Ohio State sometime in April when everything is back up and going."

"Oregon and Florida need to be rescheduled due to this virus."

"I had a visit every week for the next month or so, but sadly due to the virus I have had to cancel Auburn, UTSA, Arizona, Arkansas, TCU and Ole Miss due to the virus."

"I was going to be at Tennessee and Alabama the first week of April and Rutgers on March 28."

"I was supposed to go to Florida, LSU and Auburn this week."

"Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, Baylor, Oklahoma and UTSA with my trainer and our 7-on-7 team."

"All are canceled. I was going to Boston College this (past) weekend, Pitt next weekend and my dad was trying to schedule Vanderbilt and Northwestern but they are all canceled now. I have officials set up starting May 1 and hoping they aren't pushed back but as of right now I'm not sure."

"I was supposed to go to LSU (Saturday) and Florida State on March 28."

"We had three unofficals scheduled. We had plane tickets and hotel reservations for UGA and OSU. It was Georgia on March 20-21, Ohio State on March 25-27 and Alabama on April 3-4."

"I was going to visit Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, ASU, and FSU and possibly Notre Dame. Everything is getting pushed back."