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The Next Chapter: Jackson Lowe tells story behind UT commitment

It came down to Alabama and Tennessee for the tight end out of Cartersville (Ga.) and on Friday afternoon, Jackson Lowe announced he is a Vol.

The 6-foot-5, 240 pound 2019 three-star tells his story on how he came to his decision.

Ever since I started playing football I never would’ve thought this would be happening to me. As long as I could remember, college football was always a dream of mine, and of course, going to the NFL.

I wasn’t the most athletic kid when I was little but as I grew older and matured, things started getting easier for me. Once I transferred to Cartersville High School my freshmen year, that’s when I started taking football seriously.

Being at Cartersville just makes you want to be great. We’ve had great talent that has come out of Cartersville; such as Ronnie Brown, Miller Forristal, and Trevor Lawrence.

Just seeing what they accomplished just makes you want be like that. I’d like to thank every single coach at Cartersville that has made me a better player, but also a better man.

While the recruiting process has been fun, and having 32 offers from the best colleges in the country, I feel like it’s time to choose a school. The process has been fun and every single person that has recruited me has showed me nothing but love and respect.

Only being 17 years old and making one of the biggest decisions of your life is crazy, but I know I can only choose one school. I felt like this particular school fits what I’m looking for in an offense and for academics.

Most importantly I’d like to thank God for watching over me and guiding me the right direction. For the next four years of my life I will be attending The University of Tennessee .