Texas DE ends Big 12 battle

Sleeper defensive end Jamie Blatnick apparently knew where he wanted to go for college and didn't want to wait any longer to tell the world.
The 6-foot-3, 245-pound defender made his decision last week and it looks like he's taking his game to one Big 12 school over another.
"I committed to OSU a few days ago," Blatnick said after his Texas Tech visit. "It didn't really compare to Oklahoma State at all."
Blatnick said that at one time, he felt that the two programs were even, but in the end, Blatnick chose OSU.
"For a little bit, they were probably 50-50, but I felt more comfortable with OSU, it felt more like home to me," Blatnick said "They're all pretty much the same, you know, but I felt better choosing OSU."
Blatnick also held offers from Duke and TCU other than the Cowboys and the Red Raiders.
He was being recruited by Cowboy assistant Todd Bradford. contributed to this story.