Tennessee LB talks schools

Lewisburg (Tenn.) Marshall County linebacker prospect Don'ta Hightower currently holds multiple offers from Southeastern Conference programs. But the three-star prospect currently has no clear favorite and is just now starting to make unofficial visits and learn more about his suitors.
Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss all have jumped in with scholarship offers for the 6-foot-3, 248-pounder. His most recent visit was to Tuscaloosa and he came away impressed.
"I don't have any leaders right now, but Alabama was the last school I visited, and I was really impressed with everything," Hightower said. 'I know where I'd be living down there my freshman year, I know where the academic center is and where I'd eat and the classes would be right there. To get from all those things to the other would be so fast, and I liked that."
There were other portions of his trip to Tuscaloosa that he enjoyed.
"I loved the weight room," Hightower said. "That was another thing I really liked. I like to work out a lot, their weight room is freakin' great, I loved it. It was big and there were a lot of weights and everything and there were plenty of things you could do.
"I met the weight trainer. he was funny too, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about, and the schemes they run there I think could really showcase me well."
Though he has not yet taken an unofficial visit to Knoxville, there are things that stand out about Tennessee's program as well.
"Tennessee is just good as far as their academics go," he said. "And their football team is getting really, really good. The recruiting class they brought in last year was really good and might help me make my decision."
Hightower added that he was supposed to attend a summer camp at UT, but that it looked like he may not make it over.
Auburn also has grabbed his attention.
"I haven't checked them out," Hightower said. "But I'm looking into auburn. They have the best winning record since 2000 in the SEC, so that's pretty impressive.
Lewisburg is just south of Nashville and Vanderbilt has been in the mix for some time.
"I really like Vandy," he said. "As far as their academics, I'm pretty sure top 10-20 in nation, but I haven't checked them out too much yet. I do know they're known for their academics."
Hightower plans to wait a while before he makes a final decision.
"Right now I'm not pushing to commit or anything like that early," he said. "Maybe during the season, but for right now, I couldn't commit before season.
"I just wouldn't be ready."
Hightower is a mid (5.6) three-star rated prospect and is the nation's No. 40 outside linebacker prospect according to