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Swamp rocked Everett

Florida is playing host to some of the nation’s top players this weekend and one of the best of the best is South Sumter, Fla., standout athlete Earl Everett. So how was the four-star player’s venture into the Swamp?
“The Swamp was aweomse,” he said. “I’d give it a nine or maybe up there as a 10. It was a lot of fun to see what it’s like to be there and part of a winning program like that.”
Everett said the highlight of his trip was getting to meet new UF defensive coordinator Charlie Strong.
“He said that I should be able to compete for early playing time, and that’s going to be a factor in my decision.”
Everett said he is probably not going to take the planned double-dip visit to LSU that he was scheduled to leave for today.
“It’s just too hard for me to do,” he said.
Up next are Miami and Florida State the next two weekends.
Everett said Florida gave him a lot to look at, and he said the visit was probably better than his earlier trip to Nebraska.
“It’s different,” he said. “I felt more at home at Florida.”
Everett said the thing that is keeping Nebraska on his list is that the Huskers are looking at him to play quarterback.