Scott sets sights on visits

DALLAS - Skyline High School safety Christian Scott has been making a fresh set of highlights for his team this year on offense and defense. What's even more amazing is he's had a nagging minor injury the entire time.
The 6-foot, 185-pound four-star prospect has certainly been backing up his mountain of college scholarship offers and he's also been trying to get his team headed towards a playoff run. With his minor injury healing, he's starting to think about the next few games of the year and his first official visits.
"We're just trying to do what people don't think we can do," Scott said. "That means winning the 'big games' that people don't think we can win. I'm trying to get better – we all are right now.

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"My ankle is finally healing up now and I really just tweaked it. I'm getting back in the groove."
Scott says that right now he's pretty much set on five teams for official visits. He just has to get around to setting those dates up.
"I'm trying to get to LSU, Florida State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and probably Oklahoma State," Scott said. "It's about even with all of those teams. I'm going to figure out who's the leader when I visit those schools."
Though Scott says he anticipates making it to all five of his allocated visits, he says that it's not guaranteed.
"If that's the case, where I feel like I found the right school, fine I'll be done with it," Scott said. "If I feel like I need to keep going, to each school, then I'll do that. It's really about playing this thing by ear."
Scott and the Skyline team will suit up against Mesquite (Texas) Horn this week.