Schweiger set on five teams

Jeff Schweiger Jr. is a man who knows what he wants.
This season, he wants to be even more dominant than he was last year, and with a frame that has added over twenty pounds of muscle, he looks primed for an even bigger season.
“I am hard to find during the day because I am always lifting,” Schweiger said.
“I lift, and then I run, and then I lift some more. Football is pretty much everything.”
“Not only did I put on the weight, but I also trimmed a tenth off of my forty time. I am down to 4.5”
It is obvious that Schweiger will put in the necessary work to be a big-time athlete.
The 6-foot-4 245-pound defensive end wants to know if his San Jose teammates are ready to sweat as well.
“The thing I love about the first day back is the camaraderie," he said. "Not only that, but the sprints, too. I like to watch who is going to push themselves during sprints, who is willing to work.”
When it comes to college, Schweiger is just a clear in what he wants.
More than anything, he wants a national championship.
“My top five are Oklahoma, Notre Dame, USC, Michigan and Miami," he said. "I feel like those are the five teams that give me the best shot at winning a national championship. Winning the national championship is what I want more than anything. It would have to be the greatest feeling in the world, so I want one.”
This summer Schweiger made stops at two camps, the USC camp, and the Nike Training Camp. Even though he dominates his high school competition, he knows that he will have to step up his game at the next level.
“The high school linemen just aren’t quick enough to block me," he said. "The USC camp worked with me on getting up the field so that I could use my quickness.”
Don’t expect Schweiger to use his quickness to make a decision. He plans on taking all five visits, both during and after the season.
“I am going to wait to decide on my school," he said. "I am pretty laid back when it comes to recruiting. All of these schools are great schools. I really can’t make a bad decision.
I might announce during the U.S. Army game, but then again, I might go to the Cali-Florida game instead.”