San Diego RB pulling an early trigger

A decision is approaching for San Diego (Calif.) University High running back Demetrius Sumler who would like to keep it open for as long as possible, even after committing.
The three schools that are still in the running for that commitment are Colorado, Fresno State, Colorado State. With those three being his only offers, it appears that the 5-foot-10, 220-pound back is also looking for more interest at the same time.
"It's kind of stressful and it's wearing on me," Sumler said. "I'm probably still going to take trips in September but pretty soon I want to get the decision out of the way and then see if any new attention comes for me."

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What has the No. 98 player in the state of California excited about those three schools is the attention he has received from the programs.
"They show interest in me, so I show interest in them," Sumler said. "I want a place where I can have an opportunity to play and schools that show a lot of attention show that they want me."
A couple of schools though he will keep his eye on, even after he makes a commitment.
"Arizona is a school right now that could be an offer for me," Sumler said. "They seem very interested and I also get a ton of stuff from UTEP, Alabama, Washington, and Utah as well."
One thing is for sure: Sumler wants to be done with the constant questions.
"I mean a lot of people ask me what I'm going to do," Sumler said. "They want to know my plans and I don't have an idea what I want to do either."
Sumler attended camps at UCLA and USC along with an unofficial junior day trip to Texas before the summer.