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Rivals250: Biggest risers, sliders in latest rankings

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Kasim Hill
Kasim Hill
Nick Lucero

Although there were not changes at the top, there were plenty of significant movement throughout the Rivals250 Presented by Under Armour, which was released today.

The Rivals Camp Series Presented by Under Armour regional events are finished and the spring evaluation period is an invaluable time to see many of the nation’s top prospects. Here is a look at the players who made the biggest jumps up and down in the latest rankings release.


New rank: 101

Prev. rank: 185

Difference: +84

“Mond is a player whose sum is greater than his parts when discussing what makes him so good. Not super flashy, just does everything well with a quick, compact throwing motion and a great pocket presence. Mond recently de-committed from Baylor. He released a top three of Auburn, Ohio State and Texas A&M with Auburn thought to be the leader.” – Rivals.com Texas Recruiting Analyst Nick Krueger

New rank: 102

Prev. rank: 242

Difference: +140

“At the New Jersey Rivals Camp, Hill continued to build momentum after an impressive junior campaign. The Maryland commit’s timing and accuracy look better and better each time we see him. This could be a big year for Hill at a new school with a lot of talent around him.” – Rivals.com Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Analyst Adam Friedman

New rank: 103

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“There is definitely an ‘it’ factor involved with the way Benjamin plays. His quick reactions and agility give him an edge as a more well-rounded offensive threat than other running backs. Benjamin is committed to Iowa.” - Krueger

New rank: 109

Prev. rank: 190

Difference: +81

“Phillips was very impressive at the Columbus Rivals Camp and continues his rise up the Rivals rankings. He has great size and athleticism and looks like the future anchor of a big-time defense. Phillips is considering Alabama, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Oklahoma and several other programs.” – Woody Wommack, Rivals.com Southeast Recruiting Analyst

New rank: 112

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Delpit is a big-bodied safety that does a good job of not letting the play get behind him and closing on the ball. He has shown this spring that he sees the game well and will scoop up any tipped pass for an interception. Delpit released a top 10 in late April, but since then Florida State, Michigan and South Carolina have offered. LSU, Clemson and USC have been recent favorites.” - Krueger

New rank: 115

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Johnson does not do many events, which makes him an even more intriguing prospect because almost every school in the country is offering him. His film is outstanding and shows a defensive end who has the power to get into the backfield at will and the speed to track plays to the sideline unlike many other prospects in this class. His recruitment remains wide open with no favorites.” – Rivals.com National Recruiting Analyst Adam Gorney

New rank: 120

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Taylor jumped on Rivals’ radar last summer but didn't start to collect scholarship offers until the fall. His star has steadily been on the rise and his impressive development continued throughout the spring. Texas, Georgia, Alabama and several other schools are in the mix to land Taylor.” - Wommack

New rank: 122

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Britt carries no bad weight and moves as well as any linebacker of his size. His agility and build make him special. Britt seems to favor Auburn but a recent Stanford offer may change things.” – Rivals.com Southeast Recruiting Analyst Rob Cassidy

New rank: 142

Prev. rank: 183

Difference: +41

“Rogers has excellent speed up the middle and a relentless motor to make plays. He’s not a defensive tackle who clogs up lanes and makes stops near the line of scrimmage. He’s a guy who powers his way through offensive linemen, is a gap-shooter and never stops. Arizona State, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, UCLA and USC are his top six.” - Gorney

New rank: 143

Prev. rank: 226

Difference: +83

“One of the most physically talented players in the class, Nasirildeen is a very intriguing prospect. He is being recruited as a safety but he needs to pay more attention to the details and work on his technique. Both of those things should be easy for Nasirildeen to fix at the next level. He could easily be turned into an impressive outside linebacker if his skills as a safety don’t develop. Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and a few others are in the best position with Nasirildeen.” - Friedman

New rank: 146

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Physically, Shavers fits the mold of the ideal perimeter receiver: A big, physical, agile receiver that will beat defenders off the line, downfield, and for jump balls in the end zone. Shavers was the darling of the spring and many top programs are just starting an earnest pursuit of him. Home-state Texas is thought to be a leader, but he's not yet close to making a decision.” - Krueger

New rank: 156

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Williams is an imposing figure at defensive end and has a lot of natural ability. His hand techniques were more advanced and he is much stronger than we originally thought. It’s easy to see why his recruitment has taken off lately. Williams currently has a top five of Clemson, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio State and Virginia Tech.” - Friedman

New rank: 165

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“The Kentucky commit had as good an offseason as any prospect in the country. He shined in 7-on-7 work and in camp settings. He throws a good ball and can be quite a weapon when things are going well. The only knock on Jones is that he tends to let things spiral downward when they begin to go wrong.” - Cassidy

New rank: 167

Prev. rank: 238

Difference: +71

“Lamb has been impressive in spring camps, showing off a combination of great speed and snappy cuts while running routes. He’s an impressive athlete that looks the part of an ace receiver. Lamb recently de-committed from Oklahoma, but it remains in the race with several top SEC programs. He is looking to make his next commitment following this season.” - Krueger

New rank: 186

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Becton won the offensive lineman MVP at the Charlotte Rivals Camp in impressive fashion. He is absolutely massive and moves very well even at 6-foot-7 and 300 pounds. Becton holds dozens of offers and seems to have really taken a liking to Virginia but Georgia, Michigan, USC, North Carolina and others are in the mix.” - Friedman

New rank: 189

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Since injuring his elbow last spring and needing surgery and rehabilitation, Dotson has come back faster, stronger and more explosive than before the injury. He shrugged off difficult conditions at the Columbus Rivals Camp and showed consistent separation ability along with a sure pair of hands. The Cincinnati native recently named Penn State his leader, with Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State giving chase. He plans to announce a decision in July.” – Rivals.com Midwest Recruiting Analyst Josh Helmholdt

New rank: 190

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“We liked what we saw of Hayes on film and ranked him top five in-state right off the bat, and yet we were still surprised at how impressive the 6-foot-5, 315-pound offensive guard looked in person. Hayes has a devastating initial punch that staggered nearly every defensive lineman he faced at the Kansas City Rivals Camp. His recruitment has taken off since winning MVP in Kansas City, with a new offer from Kansas State and new interest from Oklahoma, Michigan State and others.” - Helmholdt

New rank: 205

Prev. rank: 245

Difference: +40

“Queen is a super athlete who can play a number of positions but we're projecting him as a linebacker at the next level. His speed and athleticism make him a perfect fit in any type of defense. Queen is committed to LSU.” - Wommack

New rank: 207

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Henderson, a Miami commit, won a pair of impressive reps against No. 1 receiver Trevon Grimes in a camp setting, but that wasn't the sole reason for his bump. Henderson had a consistent spring and has added some strength while getting smoother in his backpedal.” - Cassidy

New rank: 208

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

Forsyth has been loading up on offers this spring and it’s easy to see why. He’s an aggressive run blocker who’s super fast off the line and can easily get to the second level to block players downfield. For someone his size, Forsyth moves really well but then delivers a devastating hit on a defensive lineman. His recruitment remains open but Oregon, UCLA, USC and others are involved.” - Gorney

New rank: 209

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“St-Juste has the look of a special defensive back. The Michigan commit has great height and length, and really flies around the field. Bigger wide receivers were not a problem for St-Juste, but it was surprising how well he did covering the smaller, quicker receivers.” - Friedman

New rank: 210

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Blount has been around the Rivals250 since the initial release back in 2015 but his move back into the rankings comes on the heels of a strong spring. Blount is a good route runner and has consistent hands. He's not as flashy as some wide receivers, but he's more talented than most. Blount is committed to Georgia.” - Wommack

New rank: 212

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

Vorhees is a massive human being at 6-foot-6 and 290 pounds, and because of that he can exert his will on defenders and move them out of his way at will. He can play tackle or guard, blocks well in the run and pass game and dominates his opponents. For his size, I’d like to see him put more players on their back but he does a great job dominating at the line of scrimmage. His recruitment remains open.” - Gorney

New rank: 219

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Gates has proven to be one of the smartest and most talented cornerbacks in the West with numerous impressive showings this spring. He covers receivers like a shadow, doesn’t give them any space throughout their routes and then is always there to knock down passes. Gates remains open but UCLA, Oregon, Cal, Michigan, Nebraska and others are in there.” - Gorney

New rank: 224

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Hayden is a two-sport star who could probably play football or basketball at the next level. His athleticism was on full display this spring as he excelled at numerous events, showing great speed despite adding about 15 pounds since last offseason. Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina are among the favorites to land his commitment.” - Wommack

New rank: 230

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Holmes has always excelled in the camp setting but at the New Jersey Rivals Camp he seemed to have better burst. The way he was able to consistently get open at that size was good to see. Holmes’ recruitment hit another gear after the Rivals Camp. Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama and Maryland are some of his most recent offers.” - Friedman

New rank: 233

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Hand has gone under the radar for most of his high school career and his recruitment did not start to take off until recently. Winning defensive back MVP at the New Jersey Rivals Camp, Hand showed off great footwork and was very physical with the wide receivers at the line of scrimmage and down the field. Virginia Tech, Boston College, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and BYU are his biggest offers.” - Friedman

New rank: 235

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Blades has excellent size and length so he can jam receivers at the line and once the ball is in the air he has long arms to go up and poke the ball away. He showed numerous times this spring that he can easily handle one-on-one situations and Blades is surprising athletic for being so long. Arizona and Florida are the two favorites at this point.” - Gorney

New rank: 238

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Gaddy is a massive defensive tackle whose quickness at the snap surprises offensive linemen. At the Charlotte Rivals Camp, he was able to push around offensive linemen and even showed off some pretty good hand techniques. Tennessee currently leads for Gaddy, but many others are in the mix.” - Friedman

New rank: 239

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Calvin is a sudden and dynamic route runner who can create space against even some of the best cornerbacks. He is undersized, but it’s almost to his advantage because he can blow by defenders, is tough to track down and he’s almost impossible to handle in one-on-one situations. Calvin can take a short pass and make something happen or stretch the field and go deep. Nebraska, Arizona, Cal and many others are involved early on.” - Gorney

New rank: 240

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Davis has spent much of his career playing in the backfield, so it was unclear how he would look at wide receiver when the Rivals Camp Series came to his hometown. The Missouri commit answered that question succinctly, winning MVP honors after showing impressive polish in that role along with the playmaking ability we had seen from him consistently on film over the last few years.” - Helmholdt

New rank: 247

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Brooks was vastly underrated following last season and still could prove to be underrated at the bottom of the 250. He has great size and burst to break through the smallest cracks for huge gains that usually end with touchdowns. Oklahoma is the likely leader for Brooks, who was a hot name in recruiting this spring. Tennessee, Michigan and others are also candidates for his commitment.” - Krueger

New rank: 248

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Sterling has always been on the edge of four-star status for quite some time and finally got the bump after an impressive camp season and an excellent junior year. He's lightning-fast off the edge and his speed helps make up for what he might lack in size. Sterling is committed to Alabama.” - Wommack

New rank: 249

Prev. rank: NR

Difference: NA

“Bumphus started his career as a tight end but his recent move to defensive end has sparked interest from some the of the country's top programs. He's still raw but with his athleticism he has a high ceiling and that's why he made the move up the ranks. Alabama, Oregon, Auburn, Tennessee and several others are in the mix for Bumphus.” - Wommack


New rank: 105

Prev. rank: 70

Difference: -35

“Robinson dropped in part because others moved up and in part because he still needs to show a little more polish and accuracy as a passer. He is still an athletic playmaker in line for a big season at a new school this year. Robinson is committed to TCU.” - Krueger

New rank: 114

Prev. rank: 55

Difference: -59

“Ignont has added some weight and has lost a step in quickness. Some on staff think it has affected him in coverage but he remains a top-flight linebacker with tremendous size. Ignont's recruitment will likely come down to an in-state battle between Alabama and Auburn.” - Cassidy

New rank: 131

Prev. rank: 85

Difference: -46

“Jones is a very talented defensive back with huge upside but he’s caught between cornerback and safety right now. His footwork was not as crisp at the New Jersey Rivals Camp but he has great range and was still able to make plenty of plays. Jones’ drop in the rankings has more to do with slotting him in the safety rankings than a regression in his technique. Maryland, Florida and Florida State are the major contenders in Jones’ recruitment.” - Friedman

New rank: 139

Prev. rank: 67

Difference: -72

“Thomas has all the physical talent in the world, it's just a matter of putting it together consistently. When everything is going right, Thomas has the talent to be one of the nation's top tackles. We just want to see more of it on a regular basis. Thomas is considering Clemson, Georgia and several others.” - Wommack

New rank: 144

Prev. rank: 51

Difference: -93

“Gibbs has been one of the most notable names in the class of 2017 for several years now, but he continues to struggle with injuries. His limited time on the field has hurt his production and allowed some newcomers to pass him up in the rankings. He has a chance to bounce back if he can stay healthy and dominate on the field in 2016. Tennessee, Georgia and several others programs are in the mix for Gibbs.” - Wommack

New rank: 149

Prev. rank: 107

Difference: -42

“Hines is a player that dominates physically as a high school player, but he plays heavier than he should and doesn’t have great instincts in pass coverage. Hines has a massive offer list and is visiting Ohio State this week. Other visits will follow and he plans to make a commitment before the start of the season.” - Krueger

New rank: 160

Prev. rank: 115

Difference: -45

“Ah You had a nice spring and turned in some solid performances but I’d like to see him be a little more of a playmaker. That played a small factor in him moving down a few slots but he’s still a quality player with great physical tools and a great mind for the game. Others had better springs though so they were moved up in the rankings. UCLA, Stanford and many others remain involved.” - Gorney

New rank: 161

Prev. rank: 118

Difference: -43

“Melton is a very good interior offensive lineman with solid technique and a nasty streak offensive line coaches love. The North Carolina commit did a very good job at the Charlotte Rivals Camp but his day was cut short because of a knee injury. The drop in Melton’s ranking is because we are unsure of how he will respond once he is back in action.” - Friedman

New rank: 168

Prev. rank: 94

Difference: -74

“Davis remains an elite running back but isn't as much of a weapon in the passing game as some others on this list. He has great size and solid speed, but you'd like to see him add some versatility. Davis is tough to read but has formed a close bond with coaches from Oklahoma and Auburn.” - Cassidy

New rank: 170

Prev. rank: 88

Difference: -82

“Judson, who plays quarterback in high school, remains quick and has some great physical tools, but he's a man without a true position for the time being. He's probably best at wide receiver, where his athleticism shines. It's just that he needs to polish his craft. Arizona, UFC, Florida and Pitt are among the serious contenders to land Judson.” - Cassidy

New rank: 179

Prev. rank: 104

Difference: -75

“Wright will play safety this year at a new high school. He has an impressive build and solid speed, but he doesn't break on the ball as quickly as other elite safeties. He remains a Rivals250 player for a reason, though, as his upside is massive. Wright has always favored Florida State, so if the Seminoles have room in their class, they will be the frontrunner.” - Cassidy

New rank: 180

Prev. rank: 89

Difference: -91

“Vilain is normally a dominant force but that was not the same player at the New Jersey Rivals Camp. He was a little hesitant and when his initial outside speed rush didn’t work there wasn’t much he could do. Vilain, who is announcing his commitment on June 12, is an excellent athlete that could also play in space in college. Michigan, USC and Virginia Tech are his finalists.” - Friedman

New rank: 197

Prev. rank: 163

Difference: -34

“North Carolina is getting a good one in Jones, but his development has slowed a bit. He really faded during one-on-ones at the Charlotte Rivals Camp when there were high expectations for him going into the day. Jones’ overall speed, length, route running and hands are impressive but they just need to be more consistent.” - Friedman

New rank: 243

Prev. rank: 92

Difference: -151

“Robinson's lofty initial ranking was based on his ability to lay the boom in the secondary, but as other prospects have emerged, Robinson's stock has fallen a bit. He's still a talented player at safety, but a little undersized. His coverage skills continue to improve, but will need to take the next step for him to regain his initial ranking. Robinson is considering Clemson, South Carolina and several others.” - Wommack

New rank: 244

Prev. rank: 135

Difference: -109

“We were expecting to see more explosiveness from Draper at the Dallas Rivals Camp back in March, but he lacked suddenness and had trouble keeping up with the top talent that was at that event. The Oklahoma commit has decent size for the position and combined with our junior film evaluation we continue to see him as a four-star prospect, but after this most recent evaluation our initial ranking of Draper was a little too high.” - Helmholdt