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Rivals Rankings Week: Will there be another five-star QB in the 2024 class?

CJ Carr
CJ Carr (

There are already three five-star quarterbacks in the 2024 class and there might be more down the road. The Rivals national analysts – Clint Cosgrove, Adam Friedman, Adam Gorney, Nick Harris and Ryan Wright – answer the question: Is there another 2024 five-star quarterback that could join Dylan Raiola, Julian Sayin and Jadyn Davis?



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I see a couple of potential five-star quarterbacks in the 2024 class with the most notable of the group being CJ Carr. The Notre Dame commit from Michigan is currently the highest-ranked four-star quarterback in his class and he is about as polished as you will find an underclassmen at the position. Carr has above average size, impressive arm talent, is extremely accurate, sees the field well and is a fantastic leader on top of it.

While there is plenty that sticks out when evaluating his game, the thing that really separates Carr from the other potential five-star talents in this class is his overall understanding of what it takes to be successful at the major college level. Carr is the grandson of legendary former Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr and grew up embedded in the game as a result. This gives him real life insight to the college football world which is invaluable and simply unmatched by other top recruits.




This answer could change based on how the rest of their junior seasons go but at this point I don't see another 2024 quarterback that should be a five-star. The closest right now is probably CJ Carr but DJ Lagway is also in the mix.

Carr has plenty of impressive tools and Lagway is in pretty much the same boat. The next rankings update will be about how they've developed since we last saw them and what kind of success they have on the field this fall. Each of them have wrinkles in their game that need to be ironed out but there is still a long way to go before their rankings are final.



Heading into their junior seasons, three feels like the right number when it comes to five-star quarterbacks in Dylan Raiola, Julian Sayin and Jadyn Davis. There is a possibility that someone else could emerge and my pick would be that DJ Lagway has a better junior season than many and we need to revisit his ranking. The Willis, Texas, standout is definitely someone who looks like a five-star prospect from a physical standpoint and if he can deliver on the field then he could move back up the rankings.

We might have been a little too harsh on Lagway's ranking at this point and if he posts major numbers this season and looks the part then it's something we will definitely consider.

DJ Lagway
DJ Lagway (



When considering five-star status this early in a recruiting cycle, you have to factor in a lot more of the future than what's happened in the past, just because there is so much time left until National Signing Day for prospects entering their junior seasons. That being said, we did all come to an agreement that Dylan Raiola is by far the best quarterback in this class and is worthy of that five-star nod because of the tools that he's already shown and the physical development that he still has to gain before arriving at Ohio State. Raiola is a sure bet and is a prospect that -- above anyone else in the country -- has first-round potential.

The same could be said for Julian Sayin and Jadyn Davis who have both proved on big stages that they can handle the pressure and deliver among solid competition.

As of now, I don't see any other quarterbacks stacking up with them. CJ Carr is on the cusp of being in that elite group, but he still has some things to prove on the field before grabbing that nod. Could he grab it this season? Sure thing, but as of now it's tough to see any other quarterbacks having as high of a ceiling as the three five-stars in the class entering the fall.



Looking at CJ Carr’s skills in the pocket, he already looks like a top Power Five quarterback who could take some snaps this weekend. He does everything a quarterback is supposed to do and has a Sunday arm to make it happen. The footwork is on point moving around the pocket with his eyes downfield buying time for his receivers to get separation with that sixth sense picking up on the pressure.

A knock against Carr may be out of his control, and that would be the level of competition that he plays against. His 2021 stat line was solid, averaging 269.6 yards passing while throwing 28 touchdowns to just four interceptions in 10 games played. Taking his team past the first round of the playoffs with a higher completion percentage (64.2) for the season would make it hard not to give him a fifth star.