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Rivals Camp Series Los Angeles: Prospects make commitment predictions

Daylen Austin
Daylen Austin (Nick Lucero/ analysts, publishers and fans are predicting where they think prospects around the country will head for college using the FutureCast tool, but we decided to ask the prospects themselves at this past weekend’s Rivals Camp Series in Los Angeles.

Their answers, which we are sharing anonymously, are below.


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The pick: Georgia

Why: "He ain't going to USC. He's gonna pick Georgia. He loves Georgia. I got the insider touch with this."

The Pick: Texas or LSU

Why: "I'm going to say Texas. Actually I may change that to LSU because that is his fit. Shoot, Texas or LSU is what I'm saying.

The Pick: Oregon

Why: "Oregon is doing good things out there. It could be Oregon or USC, but I say Oregon closes it out.

The Pick: Miami

Why: "I really can't tell because he has his mind everywhere. I kinda want to say USC, but what are the other options? Actually, I could see him in Miami. He's got that Miami swag."

The pick: Wichita State

Why: "I know too much and I'm not putting him out there like that."


The pick: BYU

Why: "I know that boy is LDS, so I'm going to guess BYU.

The pick: USC

Why: "He's gonna go to USC with Deandre Moore."

The pick: Ohio State

Why: "I say it's Ohio State, because it's Ohio State."

The pick: Stanford

Why: "I say Stanford. They do a lot of tight end stuff and get a lot out of their tight ends. He's a brilliant guy, a nice person."

The pick: USC

Why: "I probably say USC because everyone is just going there since coach Lincoln Riley is there."

The pick: Alabama

Why: "'Bama, because it's 'Bama. Just because it's Alabama. It's Nick Saban. I don't think he will pass that one up."

The pick: USC

Why: "I think he will end up at USC just because of the foundation and team they are building over there. This is a total guess though."


The pick: Alabama

Why: "I'm not sure about USC. I'm gonna go with 'Bama. That's a big one.

The pick: USC

Why: "Because USC is where it's gonna be."

The pick: USC

Why: "I see him and Walker Lyons both going there."


The pick: Notre Dame

Why: "I'm saying Notre Dame. I don't know. I've seen him post those pictures, so I don't know. He may be saying something with that, you never know what you have to look out for."

The pick: Notre Dame

Why: "Notre Dame. I'm saying Notre Dame because he would just fit in well there. He looks like he would go to Notre Dame."

The pick: Notre Dame

Why: "I feel like that was his first biggest offer. I've been around people who have talked about it and that is just where I feel like he is going to go."

The pick: Georgia or USC

Why: "I feel like he may be looking at Georgia right now. I could also see USC because of the new coaching staff and I feel like he may want to explore and see how that is going."