Rivals.com - Rivals Camp Series Dallas: Prospects make commitment predictions
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Rivals Camp Series Dallas: Prospects make commitment predictions

David Hicks
David Hicks (Rivals.com)

Rivals.com analysts, publishers and fans are predicting where they think prospects around the country will head for college using the FutureCast tool, but we decided to ask the prospects themselves at this past weekend’s Rivals Camp Series in Dallas.


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"I think he goes to Texas A&M because he's been posting a lot about it." - Isaiah Ybarra

"He's going to A&M. They just picked up a couple five-stars so he might as well join them." - Dealyn Evans

"I think A&M. I train with him and I think he was wearing an A&M shirt before. I'm gonna say A&M." - Chad Woodfork

"I'm gonna have to say A&M, just because they are building an insane program, so it's kind of like unfair, but I'm gonna say A&M."- Kennedy McDowell

"He's going to A&M because he's already committed" - Zachary Chapman

"A&M, He's down there on visits all of the time. I'll be down there and see (him) going to A&M so I feel like he's gonna make that choice." - Nathaniel Palmer

"I'll say Georgia. It just seems like it fits him. I see him on Twitter taking pictures and I feel like he's feeling them." - Tay'Shawn Wilson


"I got him going to Oklahoma because I think he likes it and that's how it is." - Dealyn Evans

"He seems like he fell in love with Texas ever since he has been going on visits there. He's been going like every other weekend, so I feel like he's gonna make that choice." - Nathaniel Palmer

"I think he's gonna go to A&M. I don't know why, that's just the vibe I get." - Keith Abney II

"I think he's going to Texas. I feel like him and Johntay Cook are boys and gonna go to Texas."- Brian Hollins

"Texas because he's staying at home."- Ashton Williams

"He's going to UT, it's obvious. He was over with Bijon on Twitter and you can tell he wants to go there. That's where I think he will end up." - Tripp Riordan

"He's going to UT. I feel like they are showing him all the love. Every time you see something on his page it's UT, UT, UT. He's always posting about it and I feel like that's where he is going. I play with him on 7-on-7." - Tay'Shawn Wilson


"He's going to A&M as well. Him and Evan Stewart look like the best of buddies to me, and he ain't going to Texas, so it's A&M." - Dealyn Evans

"Probably Texas, maybe Texas A&M. He wants to be at a school with a nice offense and where they have recruited good quarterbacks." - Brian Hollins

"Texas A&M so he can be with Evan Stewart. That's one of his best friends." - Ashton Williams

"I think Johntay is gonna go to Texas A&M or he'll end up at LSU or something like that. There's a couple other kids going to LSU that he's friends with." - Tripp Riordan

"UT, I feel like both of them (Rueben Owens) are going to UT. They are close friends. I know them, yeah." - Tay'Shawn Wilson