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Rivals Camp Series Columbus: Prospects weigh in on Big Ten

HILLIARD, Ohio – The Rivals Camp Series presented by adidas rolled through the Columbus area over the weekend and attracted a number of FBS-bound prospects from Big Ten country and beyond. That made it a perfect time to take the temperature on how said players felt about the state of the league. gave players at Sunday’s camp five survey questions pertaining to the current landscape of the Big Ten. Their responses to said questions are listed below.

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Can Ohio State repeat?
Can Ohio State repeat? (AP Images)

“This year? I could see a couple of teams doing it, but I think Ohio State might be big this year. I think maybe it’s going to be Purdue, though." – Rivals250 safety Marvin Grant

“Ohio State.”2021 offensive lineman Raheem Anderson

“Obviously Ohio State. The talent there right now is insane, especially that defensive line. Oh, man. Ohio State's front is amazing.” – Ohio State commit Doug Nester

“I would say Ohio State, because that seems like the obvious one.” – Boston College quarterback commit Sam Johnson III

“I think maybe Penn State. … They’re always good. But, to be honest with you, I don’t know. I’m not really one to follow college football games.” – Rivals250 defensive tackle Jowon Briggs

Michigan State. Besides me being committed there, I just really like the coaching staff and what they have going on this year.” – Rivals250 Michigan State commit Dwan Mathis

“I think Ohio State might. They have a lot of talent up there.” – Boston college commit Marvin Ham

“It’s either Wisconsin, Ohio State or Michigan State. It’s gonna be one of those three.” Kentucky commit Moses Douglass

“Wisconsin. I mean, I’m going there, but it’s still everything. They have a great coach in Coach [Paul] Chryst, who is a quarterback guru and the other coaches under him.” – Wisconsin quarterback commit Graham Mertz


Nebraska's Scott Frost
Nebraska's Scott Frost (AP Images)

Nebraska could do it. They have those new coaches. I know they are good. I’ve spoken to them before and I feel like they might have something in store.” – Grant

“I feel like Michigan State is gonna get slept on this year.” – Anderson

“I’ll say Maryland. I watched their spring game and it seems like they have gotten a lot better and they have some real talent.” – Three-star tight end Justin Stephens

“I’ll pick Iowa. I like the offense they run and I think that’s a team that’s really going to win a lot of games.” – Johnson

“A sleeper team? I’ll say Iowa. That’s a good sleeper team.” – Mathis

“Probably, like, Northwestern. They are getting better. They can surprise some people.” – Cummings

“Nebraska. They are on the come up. It just feels like they are going to make a move.” – Ham

“Rutgers. I really think they’re getting some good players right now. They are getting better.” – Nester

“Purdue is definitely going to surprise some people.” – Douglass

“That’s hard. Honestly, maybe Minnesota – maybe. They have good coaches now.” - Mertz


Jim Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh (AP Images)

"I’m not sure. Urban Meyer is one of the top, but I’m not sure.” – Grant

“Jim Harbaugh, for sure. I like the way he coaches and the way he motivates. We like him because of the way he coaches.” – Anderson

“Best coach? It’s either Harbaugh or Urban Meyer. I’m not sure I can pick one of them, though.” – Johnson

“Mark Dantonio, of course. He’s really calm. The way he coaches is great. He’s not really a yeller.” – Mathis

“Ohio State. They have a lot of talent out there.” - 2020 wide receiver Izayah Cummings

“I would say Urban Meyer because he put the most talent in the NFL.” - Ham


Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer (AP Images)

“Urban Meyer. The way he runs that program is great and the consistency is there. He’s not going anywhere.” – Grant

“Probably Urban Meyer. I think he’s going to be there forever. It seems like Michigan fans aren’t really happy with Harbaugh. And I know it really doesn’t matter with the fans or what they say, but it just seems like they aren’t really that happy with him.” – Anderson

“I think Jim Harbaugh. He’s younger and he’s a good coach, too.” – Stephens

“I’d say Urban Meyer, just because he’s getting it done already.” – Nester

“Urban Meyer because he’s so successful there.” – Johnson

“If I had to guess, I don’t know, probably Harbaugh. That’s just a guess, but he’s young.” – Briggs

“I’ll say Urban Meyer, just because he already has a national title and stuff like that. I don’t think he’s going to retire soon.” - Mathis

“Harbaugh. I think Harbaugh will be there for a long time.” – Douglass


Purdue's Old Gold and Black uniforms.
Purdue's Old Gold and Black uniforms. (AP Images)

“I gotta go with Ohio State – the gray ones.” – Grant

“Maybe Ohio State, because I just really like the decals they have on the helmets and the logo they have.” Anderson

“I like the gray alternate ones at Ohio State but there aren’t any that really stand out in the Big Ten.” – Nester

“I like Purdue’s uniforms best. I like the colors they have.” – Stephens

“Best uniforms? I don’t know. I think Minnesota. They have some nice ones, especially the little gray ones. It’s either them or Ohio State.” – Johnson

“Penn State’s all white is nice. I like blue, so Michigan has those nice blue ones and my team back in Cincinnati is blue.” – Briggs

“Michigan State's all white ones.” - Mathis

“Ohio State when they wear the black.” – Cummings

“Michigan. I love them. All of them. I love the colors and I love the Jordan brand.” – Ham

“I like Ohio State’s gray ones and the white ones.” – Douglass

“I’m a classic uniform guy, so I’m going to go with Penn State. I like it being plain and simple.” - Mertz