Rivals.com - Rivals Camp Series Atlanta: Prospects make commitment predictions
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Rivals Camp Series Atlanta: Prospects make commitment predictions

Caleb Downs
Caleb Downs

At a star-studded Rivals Camp Series event in Atlanta, the Rivals staff asked several prospects where they thought some of the top prospects in the 2023 class will commit. Here are their predictions.


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CLASS OF 2023 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Team | Position | State

CLASS OF 2024 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Team | Position | State

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Ryqueze McElderry: "I would say either us (Georgia) or Ohio State."

Waltclaire Flynn, Jr.: "Probably Georgia. He's a Georgia guy, for real. I feel like it fits him."

Bradyn Joiner: "Georgia."

Madden Sanker: "I know I think he's a Dawg at heart, but I could definitely see him at Bama. His dad, you know, legacy at Georgia. In my mind, I just see him running for Nick Saban."


Justin Greene: "I'm going Georgia. It's close. He's actually in my county."

Flynn: "Probably Notre Dame. I don't even know, it's just a feeling."

Joiner: "Georgia."

Sanker: "That's tough because I know he likes Georgia, too. I'm pretty sure he's also in the Clemson mix. It really just depends on him. Personally, I think I would say Georgia for him."


Flynn: "Probably Ohio State."

Joiner: "Georgia. I just think that's his best fit right now. He loves Georgia."

Sanker: "Clemson lock. He just belongs there, I can tell. If he doesn't go to Clemson, I see him at North Carolina."

Kavion Henderson: "Probably go to Alabama. He's an in-state guy, they recruit hard."


Joiner: "Bama, easy. He goes to Thompson."

Sanker: "I was thinking Bama. I'll say Texas A&M, I'm going to go opposite of Bradyn."

Henderson: "Texas A&M. It was Alabama, but I feel like Texas A&M for him. Texas A&M 50 percent for him, Florida 50 percent, but most likely Texas A&M."


Flynn: "I was thinking Clemson, but the D-line coach (Todd Bates) went to Oklahoma. Probably them."

Joiner: "Bama."

Sanker: "Bama, 100 percent. He's a Bama boy."

Henderson: "That's my boy. Alabama lock. He just visits there so much. Every time I go up there, I see him up there."