Rivals.com - Rivals 3 Stripe Camp New Jersey: Prospects discuss NFL Draft
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Rivals 3 Stripe Camp New Jersey: Prospects discuss NFL Draft

Patrick Garwo
Patrick Garwo (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – With the 2018 NFL Draft now in the books, the future crop of NFL hopefuls has had time to reflect on what they saw. During the weekend’s Rivals 3 Stripe Camp presented by adidas, college prospects shared their thoughts on the event in the form of a Draft survey that spanned a number of topics related to the event. Below are the questions and the responses they garnered.

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Saquon Barkley because he’s great on the field and off. I met him at The Opening New Jersey, and he was just out there helping everyone out. He was acting like he was one of us. His on-field performance is great, too.” – Four-star running back Patrick Garwo

“I would have taken Saquon Barkley. He’s a special player and the best player in college football. You can’t pass on somebody like that.” -- Three-star wide receiver Marlyn Johnson

“Honestly, they could have drafted a lineman. They need linemen. They just drafted a quarterback and they have a running back. And, honestly, I don’t know if Baker Mayfield is worth a No. 1 pick.” – Three-star athlete Zukudo Igwenagu

“Barkley for sure because, then, at No. 4, you could still get a quarterback.” – Three-star wide reciver Cornelius Johnson

“I liked the picks [the Browns] made. I would have taken Baker Mayfield, too.” -- Three-star wide receiver Charles Njoku

“I think I would have taken Baker because he can change that team. I like him a lot and how confident he is. That’s what you need in a quarterback.” – Boston College quarterback commit Stephpen Lubischer

“It would have to be Saquon. That guy just produces and he’s not an ass on the field, either. I feel like Baker is kind of an ass.” – Three-star defensive end David Ojabo

“Saquon. He’s everything you need. He’s explosive. He has speed, power and he doesn’t ever fumble. He’s a great athlete.” – 2020 offensive lineman Anton Harrison

“I’m going to go with d-line. Either Bradley Chubb or Da'ron Payne. I think Payne, man. I feel like Derrius Guice and Saquon are going to have a good few years in the league too.” -- 2020 defensive tackle Tre Williams

Lamar Jackson. His style of quarterbacking is amazing.” – Rutgers quarterback commit Zamar Wise


“My takeaway was that I need to take advantage of every opportunity and never doubt myself. I was just looking at Shaquem Griffin from UCF and that was a real big inspiration for me.” – Marlyn Johnson

“It was just like every other draft. A quarterback goes No. 1. There wasn’t a big takeaway for me.” – Igwenagu

“Probably Mayfield going first overall. That surprised me.” -- Cornelius Johnson

“I thought the Browns were going to get Saquon, but the Giants got him. As a Browns fan, I was a little mad.” – Njoku

“Definitely having Quenton Nelson drafted to the Colts. He’s from my high school so that was awesome to see. I know him pretty well.” – Lubischer

“I think it was Derrius Guice dropping the way he did. I didn’t know about any character issues they were saying, I like his game a lot – running hard. He can get you in the open field or go through you.” – Garwo

“When Rutgers got [Kemoko Turay} picked in the second round. I liked that.” -- Wise

“I wish the Browns would have gotten Barkely. I guess I’m just surprised they picked Mayfield. I was kind of hoping they were going to get Saquon and then Chubb.” – Williams

“I noticed that to be drafted high as a DB, you have to do more than stand out. There were some great guys that didn’t even get drafted. Seeing that, makes me know that whatever I’m doing now is not good enough. It’s a humbling experience.” – Rivals250 defensive back Marquis Wilson


“I pay attention to it, but it’s not a factor for me. Every player is different.” – -- Marlyn Johnson

“I don’t really care. It’s a good thing for the school, I guess, but they really tell us about all that stuff a lot and I don’t think it’s that important. Anyone can go anywhere. There are D2 people that go in the draft.” – Igwenagu

“A little bit, but not really. It’s really up to you, but it does matter to me to a certain extent.” -- Cornelius Johnson

“Honestly, I don’t consider that at all. I just watch the draft to watch it. I’m not really paying attention to all that.” – Njoku

“Not for me. I don’t care really.” -- Lubischer

“I just kind of watch because there are all kinds of D2 schools that have players go in front of D1 guys. Wherever you go, you have to take advantage of your opportunity.” -- Garwo

“Of course, I’m looking at that. Even on Instagram, they are showing which schools produce the most. I’m paying attention but it’s not the only reason I’m picking a college. If the NFL comes, it comes but that’s not why I’m going to college.” -- Ojabo

“Yeah, of course. And I’m noticing Alabama has a nice little trend of D-lineman, especially interior d-linemen like me.” – Williams

“It matters, but it’s not the biggest thing. If you are that good, the NFL is going to find you. Tony Romo is a D3 player.” -- Wilson