Rivals.com - RCS Charlotte survey: Prospects weigh in on spring storylines
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RCS Charlotte survey: Prospects weigh in on spring storylines

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Quavaris Crouch
Quavaris Crouch (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

Spring football is just about wrapped up around the country, with a few major programs still set to play games this weekend. The spring period offers schools a chance to get an extended look at their rosters and perhaps adjust recruiting plans accordingly, so spring games are of interest to coaches and recruits alike.

But just how closely to recruits pay attention to spring storylines? We caught up with several prospects at the recent Charlotte stop of the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp Series presented by adidas to get their thoughts on what caught their eye during spring football games and practices around the country.

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Which spring storyline caught your eye?

“It’s probably Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence. Both of the quarterbacks are coming and making an impact already.” - Five-star athlete Quavaris Crouch

"Something that stood out to me was Shea Patterson's transfer to Michigan and the talk of Ole Miss holding it up. I really like Patterson as a quarterback, so I want to see him play at Michigan. That has been something this spring that I've followed." – Three-star defensive end Christian Rorie

“N.C. State lost a lot on their defensive line so I’m following that."- Three-star defensive lineman Zovon Lindsay

“I like watching Justin Fields and Jake Fromm battle. The Trevor Lawrence and Kelly Bryant is a good battle too.”- Class of 2019 quarterback Kennique Bonner-Steward

“I was at Penn State’s spring game and the whole ‘We Are’ thing was a good feeling.” - Class of 2021 running back Evan Pryor

“I was watching how the fans in the stadium reacted to Virginia Tech’s spring game.” - Three-star Virginia Tech wide receiver commit Jahad Carter

“I watched Notre Dame’s spring game and I liked seeing how the team worked.” - Rivals250 linebacker Osita Ekwonu

“The Clemson quarterback situation. I think Trevor Lawrence did a good job. I think he’ll end up being the guy. Maybe not right away but by a few games in.” – Rivals250 Florida State quarterback commit Sam Howell

Has any particular player stood out to you this spring?

Shyheim Battle
Shyheim Battle (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

Trayvon Mullen from Clemson. When I went up there I saw that he’s about my size and he’s supposed to end up a first round pick. I watched him practice and he seemed really calm about everything but he was on everything and competed. He made some plays in the spring game.” - Three-star defensive back Shyheim Battle

“There are a lot of players that have made something happen. I’ll say the running back at Florida State, Khalan Laborn. He knocked it out in the spring game.” - Crouch

Jaiden Woodbey from Florida State has been really good this spring.”- Lindsay

“What Jalen Hurts' dad said, I thought that was weird. You can’t really put your son in that position. I just thought that was strange.” – Three-star quarterback Davis Beville

“Trevor Lawrence stood out a lot. Watching the highlights I think he surprised a lot of people.”- Bonner-Steward

Greg Dortch at Wake Forest has been playing pretty well.”- Carter

“I’d say Tevon Coney. Notre Dame’s linebacker No. 4. He’s definitely fun to watch.” - Ekwonu

"Wyatt Teller is one I have watched this spring. I have seen video of him power cleaning 375 pounds and he is one I really like. I like how he plays and with me being committed to Virginia Tech, he is one I tracked this spring." – Four-star Virginia Tech offensive line commit Jesse Hanson

Jerry Howard, the running back at Georgia Tech, I know him from high school and he did really well in their spring game.” – Three-star defensive back Fentrell Cypress

Ryan Finley at NC State. That’s a guy that I look up to and he’s a great guy and an even better quarterback. Just the way he commands the field and slings the ball around. It’s definitely my playing style and something I model my game after.” – Class of 2020 quarterback Luke Doty

Has any spring football position battle affected your recruitment?

“I know Duke is losing their two big linebackers and Notre Dame is losing their two big linebackers next year. I guess those two schools I’m watching for that.” - Ekwonu

“There are a lot of running backs at Georgia so I guess you could say that affected me recruitment.” - Crouch

“I think both the quarterbacks at Florida State are good players and I don’t really know what’s going to happen there. I know (Deondre) Francois has some stuff to clear up but I don’t know how that’s going to shake out yet.” – Howell

Does fan attendance at a spring game matter to you or your recruitment?

“Yes it does because it just shows the love the fans have for the team. It shows that they’ll be there for even if it’s not a real game or if you’re losing. You always need fan support because it can help you play better.” - Crouch

“It’s not a big deal to me. If you think about it, it’s just another practice." - Rivals250 wide receiver Khafre Brown

“I think it matters. It’s not even a real game but seeing the stadium packed puts everything in perspective about the culture of the school.” -Ekwonu

“I don’t think it’s something that’s important. I mean, yeah it certainly helps with the total vibe and the feeling toward the place with the fans and stuff like that, but it’s not the only thing that matters.” – Howell

“Yeah. I feel like if the fans show up for the spring game then they’re definitely going to show up for the real games.” - Battle

“No it really doesn’t matter. The real games matter but not the spring game.” - Lindsay

“It doesn’t matter to me.” - Bonner-Steward

“Yes because the spring game is about focusing on the team, not anyone else’s team. It really helps bring the town together and tells you how much they care about the team in the area." - Class of 2021 running back Evan Pryor

"The spring game crowd does not matter to me at all." – Four-star Duke running back commit Zonovan Knight

"The spring game crowds could influence me a little bit. It is not the most important thing, but it shows you how the fans support their schools." - Hanson

"It mattes to me a little bit. It is something I would notice. It is nice to see who cares about their programs." - Rorie

"The attendance at a spring game does not matter to me. If it was a regular game, it would matter more, in the spring, it is not that big." – Class of 2020 wide receiver Ethan West

“There was a good amount of people when I was at Georgia Tech. I want to play in front of a good fan base.” – Cypress

“I think attendance at spring games does matter to recruits. The fan base means a lot to us. The atmosphere and the games and stuff like that so the fan base at spring games means a lot to me.” – Three-star Wisconsin commit Nolan Groulx

“I saw that South Carolina and Clemson had pretty big crowds and I like that. Because the atmosphere when you’re playing, if the fans are in it, that’s going to hype you up even more.” – Three-star defensive end Shamar McCollum

“No, not really. When we went to N.C. State it was a rainy day and overcast and cloudy but they still had a lot of fans there. That does say something about the fan base as far as their dedication and there’s something that’s important.” – Doty

“I think recruits pay attention to it. I think they want to play in front of a lot of supportive fans. The fans mean a lot. You don’t want to go somewhere and be playing in an empty stadium.” – Three-star linebacker Jaylon Scott

“Not really. I haven’t paid attention to it. I feel like it’s just a way of coaches showing they have support in the community.” – Class of 2020 defensive back Tyler Venables