QB Loukas back from spring break

Deerfield (Ill.) junior quarterback prospect Alex Loukas (6-foot-4, 200 pounds) just returned from a week long spring break with his family in Mexico. Loukas took time off to relax and will now refocus on getting ready for his senior season of football, yet Loukas also has his spring tennis season starting soon.
"Right now I'm pretty out of the loop as far as my recruiting is concerned," Loukas said. "I spent last week in Mexico with my family on spring break. I had a chance to just relax and I had a blast. The only disappointing thing was that I couldn't watch any of the college basketball games, the hotels we checked didn't carry any of the games."
Loukas, who has an early offer from Iowa State, is getting ready for his tennis season.

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"One of the Chicago papers ranked me like the 3rd best singles players in the state in the preseason rankings. It's cool to get that recognition, but I also realize that it's just a preseason poll and that I'll need to go out and prove myself. I'm hoping to play both singles and doubles this season. My focus will be on my tennis season right now as well as getting ready for football."
Loukas is hoping to check out several college spring spring practices over the next few weeks.
"I'm planning to check out some spring practices as long as I can schedule those around my tennis season. I'm looking to check out Iowa State, Northwestern, Illinois and Iowa over the next few weeks."
As far as any spring and summer camp plans, Loukas is still trying to sort things out.
"I'm thinking about checking out the Elite 11 camp at Michigan. I'm still not sure about any additional spring or summer camp plans for now, but I hope to have a better idea in a few weeks."