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Players, students react to Virginia Tech shootings, the Virginia Tech site in the Network, has been collecting local reaction to Monday's tragic shooting from athletes and students at the school. Below are some of those comments. For more, visit
Virginia Tech tight end, Andre Smith: "I'm just on edge sitting in my dorm room trying to relax. Right now everyone is just inside the dorm trying to relax and think about other things. No one is outside now, it is absolutely crazy."
Photo galleryClick The community is deeply saddened by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Click here to share your thoughts and condolencesClick "I was woken up by an ambulance. I looked out the window and saw a girl being put into the ambulance. From what people are saying, he (the shooter) was mad at his girlfriend and he shot her. Then the RA walked in and he shot her also. Then I heard he walked into one of the lecture classes in the engineering building and just started shooting people."Here to view this Link. with those in the Virginia Tech community.Here to view this Link.
Virginia Tech quarterback signee Tyrod Taylor: "I'm just shocked. I want to send out my condolences to all the families that have been affected. I'm still playing for them, but just shocked by it all. I talked to one of my former teammates, Tim Richardson as well as Eddie Royal and Macho Harris. I was making sure they were OK and see how it's going. Basically they told me what was being reported on the news about everything that happened."
Virginia Tech engineering student Robert Little: "I was off campus all day long. I was scheduled to take a class at Derring Hall at 10:10 a.m. but chose to skip it today. As a mining engineer, I spend most of my time in Holden Hall which is physically attached to Norris Hall (where the shootings occured). There was some panic to locate some of my friends, but it appears all of them are fine. I don't personally know anyone that is hurt, but my roommate has a mechanical engineering friend that knows one of the deceased. My girlfriend also knows someone that was shot in the chest and was in surgery."
"Both of my parents attended Virginia Tech as well as my older brother, and I have been attending Virginia Tech games since I was a little boy. I can't put into words how I feel about this event. It saddens me and I can only feel sorrow for the victims and their families.
"It hurts me to think that this is how Virginia Tech will be known. Blacksburg is such a wonderful community with great people and very little crime. You would never think this would happen to your home, but it does and it did. Blacksburg is one of my favorite places on this earth, and this can't change that. I just hope that people remember that when they think of this place that I love."
Virginia Tech quarterback Ike Whitaker: "This is terrible that is all I can say really. I feel for all the people that have died and that are hurt. I was on campus during the shootings. I was right by the shooting, entering my class at Hancock. I left as soon as I heard about it. I'm just sad it had to happen here or anywhere. I will keep everyone in my prayers."
Virginia Tech safety Kam Chancellor: "During the first shootings, I was in the meeting rooms and then during the second ones I was in my class down the street from Torgersen. When I saw all the cops yelling run, I ran all the way to the dorm. It was pretty scary. They should let us go home, I've seen a few people crying. I see a feeling of everyone wanting to get home to their parents. Everyone is real quiet."