Nike Camp info - 2006

The most prestigious football camps in the country, the NIKE Football Training Camps, will take place nationwide starting in April and finishing in June.
This will mark the nine-year anniversary of the NIKE Football Training Camps, the half-day educational events that have seen thousands of promising prospects pass through enroute to learning how to be better athletes and players.
The NIKE Camp is an exclusive event, free of charge and the only national camp/combine that offers athletes state-of-the-art education - in both SPARQ Training and position-specific football from respected position coaches - that is guaranteed to improve and inspire every player in attendence.
For more information regarding the 2006 NIKE Football Training Camps, including how to get registered if you're a player and other frequently asked questions, please check out the NIKE Camp Information page.
For any other questions, or to talk about the NIKE Football Training Camps, check out the
NIKE Football Training Camp Message board.
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